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the FlashStart “IP Blocker”

The new (September 2023) version of Flashstart, as mentioned in the release article, also introduces a feature that amplifies the effectiveness of protection against threats.

Through blocking by IP, it is possible to prevent access to websites hosted on compromised servers.

This new feature “IP Blocker” allows blocking all domains hosted on Public IP addresses with bad reputation.

It makes it possible, with the IP Blocker, for a user, with our DNS server, to rely on browsing through very good quality IPs, avoiding any other attack attempts.

Very frequently the owners of illicit sites are discovered or blocked but reuse the malicious site previously produced via a different domain but leaving it on the same server and therefore on the same IP.

This is where the IP Blocker feature comes in and blocks browsing on all sites associated with that particular IP.

Protection for Android

FlashStart Pro Version allows apps to be blocked when devices are connected to the WiFi network protected by FlashStart.

Protection for Apple

FlashStart ProPlus Version allows apps to be blocked at all times. This is possible thanks to the end-to-end protection of ClientShield.

F.A.Q About Block IP

You can block malicious IP addresses with FlashStart’s artificial intelligence by enabling blocking by IP on the management panel.

FlashStart’s ClientShield using VPN technology blocks malicious IP addresses.

You can block malicious IP addresses on IPhone using the native APP or by using FlashStart’s Doh address.

You can block malicious IP addresses using FlashStart filtering on a Router by setting the latter’s DNS server. Here is a more in-depth explanation.

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Business Benefits
for blocking IP

Resource-level precision
Blocking IP addresses allows you to directly target a specific resource, regardless of the domains or subdomains that might be associated with it.

Effective against IP sharing
Some resources may share the same IP address but have different domains. By blocking IP, you can prevent access to all shared resources on that particular IP.

Greater control
You can have more control over the specific resources you wish to block, without having to block the entire domain, as only traffic directed at the infected resource will be blocked.

Advanced malware protection
Malware is constantly changing domains. With FlashStart’s per-IP blocking enabled you also protect yourself from unknown domains that would lead you to an infected resource.

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