Manage all clients from a single control panel

The Multi-tenant function of the FlashStart dashboard is a characteristic of the management software which allows the administrator to create a separate virtual environment for each tenant. He will then be able to manage all his clients from a single control panel, and the clients, in turn, will be able to manage settings and filtering policies for their own final users.

We should not be confused with multi-instance architectures, which are about sharing functionality among multiple users, or Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), which allow collaboration and data sharing. Here, we are talking about multi-tenancy, and, therefore, every tenant can use all the software functionality separately, without fear of interference or privacy issues with other administered tenants.

Because of the stated requirements, the multi-tenant dashboard is an important management facilitator for MSPs, who can keep tabs on their customers’ use of FlashStart by accessing individual names from a single drop-down menu.

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