Multi Tenant Dashboard

Managing virtual environments for each Tenant

The Multi-Tenant function of the FlashStart dashboard is a characteristic of the management software that allows the administrator to create a separate virtual environment for each tenant. He will then be able to manage all his clients from a sole control panel and the clients, in turn, will be able to manage settings and filtering policies for their own final users.

We shall not be mistaken for the multi-tenant architectures that deal with the distribution of functionalities among multiple users, or with Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), which permit the collaboration and the sharing of data. Here, we are talking about multi-tenancy and hence every tenant can use all the options of the software separately, with no fear of interference or privacy problems with other clients.

For the indicated requirements, the multi-tenant dashboard is an important management support for MSPs, who can keep under control the use of FlashStart by their clients, accessing the single names from a sole drop-down menu.

Other functions

  • Malware protection

    Blocks malware, botnet, phishing, ransomware and many other threats using a professional protection feeds.

  • Geoblocking

    Prevents access to countries with a reputation for ransomware, malware and other risks.

  • Content Filter

    Protects users’ internet experience by removing unwanted, illegal and dangerous contents.

  • Multi-tenant dashboard

    Allows administrators to easily create and manage tenants (clients), who are isolated from each other.

  • Report & Analysis

    Provides reports by categories and macro categories visited, in real time, and scheduled by e-mail.

  • Compatible with any Router

    Compatible with any router, HotSpot Wifi, firewall and gateway. Supports static and dynamic IP & DDNS protocol.