Advanced protection based on AI

Artificial intelligence against cyber threats


Artificial intelligence is a complex system of algorithms on neural networks which allows a machine to reproduce typically human processes, like reasoning and learning, in order to make decisions in terms of planning or creativity.

Applying artificial intelligence to cyber security means, first of all, adopting an automatic system to update the blacklists used by DNS filtering. With over 1.7 billion active websites on the web and over 50 thousand new domains added every day, on average, a categorization that makes use of advanced systems is fundamental in order to grant a high level of protection.

FlashStart’s Artificial Intelligence can examine up to 200 thousand websites every day, supports 24 languages, and recognizes 90 categories of websites based upon their content.

Moreover, innovative techniques of machine learning allow the platform to learn from previous experiences, from similar behaviors, from warnings on official websites, and from potential human corrections.  It is a real, data gathering process that goes beyond the identification of categories by content and formulates predictions with increasing accuracy.

Currently, FlashStart’s artificial intelligence boasts a 90 percent rate of correctly predicted domains, which only excludes the sites with insignificant content or unusual languages and, therefore, hardly dangerous.

With more than 190 million sites already surveyed, to which new analyses are added daily as a result of visits from users all over the world, Flashstart offers innovative and effective cyber threat intelligence (malware, ransomware, botnets, phishing, etc.) and easily allows for the customization of content accessible to end users, based on business, educational, and family needs.


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