Artificial intelligence
against computer threats

Artificial intelligence against cyber threats Artificial intelligence is a complex system of algorithms on neural networks that enables a machine to reproduce typically human processes, such as reasoning and learning, to make decisions in terms of planning or creativity.

Applying artificial intelligence to cybersecurity means, first and foremost, adopting an automated system for updating blacklists used by DNS filtering. With more than 1.7 billion active websites on the web and more than 50 thousand new domains added every day on average, categorization that makes use of advanced systems is critical to ensuring a high level of protection.

FlashStart’s artificial intelligence can examine up to 200 thousand websites per day, supports 24 languages, and recognizes 200 categories of websites based on their content.

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“Driving evolution with artificial intelligence in DNS filtering: a secure connection for an intelligent future.”

How it works

In addition, innovative machine learning techniques enable the platform to learn from previous experiences, similar behaviors, alerts on official websites, and potential human corrections. This is a true data collection process that goes beyond identifying categories based on content and makes predictions with increasing accuracy.

Currently, FlashStart’s artificial intelligence boasts a 90 percent rate of correctly predicted domains, which excludes only sites with insignificant content or unusual language and, therefore, unlikely to be dangerous.

With more than 190 million sites already surveyed, Flashstart offers innovative and effective intelligence on cyber threats (malware, ransomware, botnets, phishing, etc.) and makes it easy to customize content accessible to end users, based on business, educational and family needs.

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