Marketing tools for Partners

Distinctly higher-than-reference margins for our resellers

FlashStart’s mission is protection and therefore we focus on technological innovation, we do not sell directly to the final users. We offer highly effective products at very convenient market prices and, at the same time, we leave distinctly higher margins compared to the reference market to our resellers, who will keep the direct contact with their clients. To support our partners in offering our products we have implemented some exclusive marketing tools


Trial in a box

Trial in a Box is a plus for customers. With just one click, you can print a PIN code that allows your clients to activate our protection for free for 30 days. You can choose among various formats: a postcard, credit card or sticker to include in the boxes of the routers and the other devices that you send.

Recipients will immediately notice the caring attitude towards their security, activate the protection and when they see the reports of blocked threats, they will surely thank the provider and ask to keep the filter.

This is an opportunity for our partners to make an immediate good impression and increase their business with our cloud products.

Customized links

This tool allows our partners to directly exploit our trial campaigns, customizing the page with your brand and contacts, so that you will appear as the supplier who offers the chance for free protection.

Differently from Trial in a Box, in this case there is a digital suggestion, with no physical tangible delivery. The final user will nevertheless be inclined to purchase the cloud filter after testing its benefits and verifying the reports on blocked threats.

Promo Mails

This tool allows you to create, in a few minutes, a customized email campaign with your own logo, exploiting contents that have already been studied and defined by our marketing experts. 

In this way, you will send the right communication, quickly selecting the desired type of user from a menu: schools, companies, big corporations, remote connections, etc. 

It is possible to send emails from the email box and we grant you that we will not store information about the addressees’ email details and will not take advantage of them since we do not directly deal with the final users.