What is Geoblocking?

FlashStart’s geoblocking technique allows you to block access to websites that are physically hosted on servers located in countries with a high risk of malware and compromise.

In everyday life, we are used to geoblocking functions offered by streaming services that prevent the download to clients outside of certain areas; in this case the concept is exactly a mirror-image: the client is protected everywhere while geographical discrimination concerns the country hosting the requested website.

In the module management panel, it is possible to select countries or continents and also personalize a white list which grants access to safe websites, even if they are within restricted areas.

The importance of Geoblocking

There are geographic areas, such as Russia, the former Soviet countries, China, North Korea, etc., which, despite being technologically advanced, have not developed organizations and agencies for the safeguard and legal protection of internet traffic (such as the postal police) in order to adequately combat cyber crimes.

Such legal shortcomings have, over time, encouraged a greater and greater number of hackers and web pirates who go unpunished.

Indeed, in high-risk countries, cyber criminals can clone websites with impunity or create fake websites the contents of which may seem clean but which are actually aimed at phishing, smishing, or the download of malware.

A similar issue arises from the sending of emails with dangerous content, which extends the reach of cyber criminals beyond spontaneous browsing.

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Total protection

Modern DNS filtering platforms, based on blacklists, represent an important protection tool but have an inherent limitation.

This is why FlashStart, in addition to protection based on blacklists, has a further weapon it can use, unique in its genre: geoblocking.
Technically, geographical protection prevents the DNS resolutions of websites when the corresponding IP address is physically located in one of the countries blocked by the network administrator.

The geoblocking module, therefore, goes back to the original server, whether it is for browsing or in the case of solicitation by email. Seeing that it comes from a restricted geographical area, it prevents any access, thus avoiding any risk in advance.

Geographic regions at risk of malware