The most extensive cataloging of domains

About two billion sites were created in the new millennium, but about 200 million are currently active. Two hundred thousand new sites are added daily, on average, some built on old domains, others on the newly created ones, which is about fifty thousand per day.

FlashStart’s artificial intelligence is able to classify this number, with a predictive capacity of more than 92.5%, offering extremely advanced DNS intelligence. Scanning the web with machine learning classifies domains into two hundred categories, providing the widest choice of system blacklists, and, therefore, the broadest range of filter customization capabilities.

Among the various categories, first of all, we find malicious sites and all domains that may pose a danger of hacker attacks or scams. Similarly, it is possible to filter out illicit or ethically inappropriate content (drugs, weapons, pornography, violence, etc.). Finally, the remaining categories cover activities that have nothing illegal or unethical about them, but could be sources of distraction (social networks, dating sites, news, sports, music, videos, travel, animals, e commerce, etc.) or even danger of WiFi bandwidth congestion (software updates, streaming, file sharing, etc.).

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Customization and granular filtering

The concept of granular, referring to Flashstart filtering, refers to the capability of setting differentiated filtering policies in browsing. Differentiation can occur according to individual users, groups, machines, and even in relation to schedules.

In a world that is increasingly connected, such a feature is the most forward-looking solution to safeguard an organization’s performance. For example, the administrator of a corporate network could block social networks during business hours for all departments except management and the marketing department, likewise at school for students’ and teachers’ computers during school hours.

Set-up from the control panel is very easy and, thanks to the 200 domain categories, customization is very broad and allows the assignment of extremely detailed filters, as well as the compilation of additional whitelists and blacklists.
Integration with the best RMMs and management software, including MS Active Directory, allows immediate synchronization of profiles, so that filters can be customized more quickly.