Internet usage
Reporting tool

Access real-time and historical data
about filtering performance and web activity

Internet usage Reporting tool


Multi-tenant reporting is fully supported. This is to say that end-users can view and report upon only their own data, but a service provider can see across many end-users and view additional, often confidential information, needed to operate the service.

Standard Reports

FlashStart internet usage reporting tool offers 18 standard reports based on 6 months of historical data. Reports are easily set up for automatic email distribution and to meet country specific Data Privacy standards where appropriate

  • Blocked by Content Category

  • Blocked by Content Category with time

  • Blocked by Macrocategory

  • Allowed by Country

  • Allowed by Content Category

  • Allowed by Content Category with time

  • Unwanted Content (blocked)

  • Malware - host blocked

  • Malware - threats blocked

  • By Time Slot

  • By Day / weekday

  • Dangerous Requests Transited

  • Allowed Geolocation

  • Domains Allowed

  • Domains Blocked

Inappropriate Content

Content that usually breaches internet usage policy (eg gambling, adult) and other that might be abused to waste time (eg  games, social-media) is easily tracked

Malware Reporting

Malware reporting is provided as standard but for most users this will be a particularly important report