Report standard

FlashStart offers about twenty standard reports based upon a six-month data history.

» Blocked by content category
» Blocked by content category in a time slot
» Blocked by macrocategory
» Allowed by country
» Allowed by content category
» Allowed by content category in a time slot
» Unwanted content (blocked)
» Malware – blocked host
» Malware – blocked threats
» By time slot
» By day (of the week)
» Dangerous transited requests
» Allowed geolocation
» Allowed domains
» Blocked domains


FlashStart’s multi-tenant dashboard allows administrators to manage multiple users from a single panel. They, in turn, have the capability of generating detailed reports of filtered internet traffic in their networks.

The service provider has access to end-user data and other information that is needed only for the purposes of managing the service, in accordance with privacy laws.

Inappropriate contents

Reports on contents which usually violate the internet usage policy (gambling, adult material, etc.) and other contents which cause distraction and waste of time (games, social media, etc.).

Reports on malware

Data on blocked malware, provided as standard since they are of particular importance to most users.

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More than a simple report

Historical Data

Six months of historical data for detailed searches on specific content categories, URLs, dates, and times.

Real-time analysis

Capability to analyze the most recent queries at the click of a button in order to identify any problems online.

Personal Data

In full compliance with GDPR and similar privacy regulations, FlashStart does not retain or even take into account individual personal browsing data in any way.