Internet Security in Schools
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 Protection from Threats and Unwanted Content
for Education and Nonprofit Sectors

Our solution for Schools and Nonprofits

FlashStart’s advanced monitoring safeguards students’ browsing within the school network and in distance learning, providing legal evidence of good behavior on the part of the administration and school staff regarding any supervisory duties prescribed by local regulations. Artificial intelligence support makes cloud filtering effective against hacker attacks, sensitive data theft, and inappropriate content. The ability to also block access to unwanted social networks and sites curbs the problems of cyberbullying, pornography, and child grooming in the school network.  Explicit images can also be filtered out of search results on Google, YouTube, Bing, and DuckDuckGo without students’ being able to disable the cloud-based protection system.  Filtering can be differentiated for students, staff, and faculty, and even by time slot.  Compatible with any router or device, with no need for hardware, software, or subsequent upgrades.

Benefits for Schools and Nonprofits protected by FlashStart

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Privacy and Cybersecurity, two sides of the same coin: with FlashStart I can create controls and filters capable of properly safeguarding the enterprise network.

It’s like a glove, it perfectly adapts and reshape itself based on the customer’s demands, and our requests are satisfied by the FlashStart staff!

As a System Integrator I offer custom solutions for public access to the Internet to destination centers (shopping, entertainment, hotels, resorts, tourism enterprises, etc.) and public authorities.

Massimiliano Pacioni

Owner, WiFi Project