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FlashStart’s end-point app (ClientShield) secures the device in the home office or anywhere automatically. Here a video about our complete solution for protecting remote users. ClientShield is available for all platforms, desktop and mobile.

ISP web filtering & WISP solutions need special requirements for filtering the internet. FlashStart LITE is a low cost ISP filter. It’s very efficient in removing malware. In this webinar we will see all the specific functions.

FlashStart is available in two packages – FlashStart Pro and FlashStart Pro+. in this video let’s see together how to setup FlashStart Pro+ with Active Directory integration.

FlashStart is a high quality, fast and easy-to-use solution which is designed to be sold by the MikroTik resellers community worldwide. Hundreds of Mikrotik’s Reseller and Distributors are successfully using FlashStart to increase the value of their RouterOS installation.

FlashStart configuration on MikroTik video guide. It requires no additional hardware or software and does not perceivably impact Router performance. It operates as a cloud and by inspecting all DNS resolutions and filters the internet access based upon the end-user-defined security policy.