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FlashStart is the ideal solution for internet security in companies of any size.  With no need for hardware or software installations, our filter acts in the cloud, supported by artificial intelligence.  Eighty-five categories of constantly updated blacklists block the browsing of dangerous sites due to the risk of viruses, hacker attacks with extortion, scams, fraud, technology data theft, etc.  In addition to threats, content monitoring can be applied to inappropriate sites (pornography, weapons, drugs, etc.) and online distractions which reduce productivity during working hours (dating sites, games, social, etc.).  A single, centralized panel allows effective differentiation of filters by departments, groups, machines, and hours.  Protection can be extended to remote connections just as they are within the company.  Detailed reports scheduled via email allow excellent traffic control in compliance with data processing regulations (GDPR and similar regulations in each country).

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Everything works perfectly, even with my ”crazy” networks. Excellent product!

Dott. Paris Paolo

Owner, Parivend Srl

Easy and quick installation. Intuitive and well-structured management panel. In one word: MARVELLOUS!

Efficient, functional and usable both on desktop systems and mobile devices. Total support!