The ideal solution for all our Partners

» MSP AND SYSTEM INTEGRATOR: FlashStart does not make direct sales, and offers higher margins to its resellers, with a lower final price for lasting business.Advanced technology, always up-to-date, easily installed, customizable and manageable with multiple tenants.

» OEM and IT MANUFACTURERS: FlashStart allows you to bundle your third-party products with the most effective and affordableDNS filtering, even in white label mode. Our business flexibility, allows us to interact quickly to develop ad hoc solutions.

» ISP & WISP: FlashStart provides up-to-date malware and content protection from AI, which ensures efficient bandwidth, a clean network, and avoids compromise of public IPs. Traffic-based pricing and no hardware costs make us affordable for network providers of any size.

FlashStart Head of Partner’s network
Andrea Notaro

“Unlock enhanced digital security and growth potential by becoming a valued partner in our global DNS filtering journey.”

Good price, best margin

Our convenient price offers ample margins as well as the possibility of offering a product/service of maximum technological quality, even including exclusive functions such as geographically based filtering, at a very advantaged price even the for the end user. The white label option also allows producers and re-sellers in general the possibility of incorporating our technology into their products using the proper trademark, adding consequent image gain to the eyes of the clients.

All this demonstrates that the philosophy of FlashStart is not that of gaining contacts for eventual direct sales, instead leaving our partners a direct rapport with their own clients in a way of guaranteeing the best support possible.

FlashStart on their part guarantees the maximum attention possible to technology innovation. The direct assistance to their partners with professional people on chat, as well as the availability of marketing instruments for assisting sales.

Technological advantages

Artificial Intelligence

web scanning

Machine Learning

with a > 92.5% prediction capability

Anycast network

and global coverage

First place speed

and stability prestation

DNS prevention

against any Malware

Governmental blacklist

and report integration

200 customizable

categories as blacklists

Granular filtering

of undesired content


even for remote connections


geographically based protection


with any device


to install and integrate


automatic updates

Automatic updates

Detailed reports


in the development section for synergies

Try safe browsing for free!

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by the support of a highly experienced h24 team.

Commercial advantages

No direct
channel competitors
market margins
Advantageous and flexible
prices for end user type
Credit solutions
for payment concessions
White Label option
with partner trademark use
Commercial assistance
for partners in chat
Multilingual site
English, Spanish, German and Italian
Informative material
on demand
Marketing instruments
and promo mail
Free unlimited trials
assignable to partners
Informative and illustrative
Webinar on partner request
Partner support
by chat professionals

A global success

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