Safe Search

Professional monitoring for Internet searches

Generation Z”, the one comprising individuals aged 10-25, is considered “[…] digital native, hence they don’t consider technology a tool but rather a part of the environment where they live in”.
At the global level, presence on the Internet of users in the age range 15 to 25 has reached 71%. Individuals part of Generation Z have used all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) since they were little as a means for free information.   

Thinking that the Safe Search filters implemented by platforms and search engines are enough to control the online activities of children and teenagers is a pure illusion, since youngsters know how to disable them. 

Lots of parents apply passwords to block such filters, but most teenagers know how to navigate incognito, change the IP or simply forward links to explicit contents by chat.

FlashStart’s intelligence based on the DNS protocol is much more far-reaching and effective than parental control filters.
FlashStart can enable filters with a click for searches on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and YouTube on the whole network and also on mobile devices, with no possibility for minors to disable them whatsoever. 

Google and Youtube can be monitored separately and, even if the user tries to navigate incognito, explicit contents are not accessible and neither are they shown among the results. 

As far as links shared via chat are concerned, all the FlashStart products carry out URL filtering and DNS over HTTPS, to grant maximum security within the domestic network and also remotely.

Other functions

  • Malware protection

    Blocks malware, botnet, phishing, ransomware and many other threats using a professional protection feeds.

  • Geoblocking

    Prevents access to countries with a reputation for ransomware, malware and other risks.

  • Content Filter

    Protects users’ internet experience by removing unwanted, illegal and dangerous contents.

  • Multi-tenant dashboard

    Allows administrators to easily create and manage tenants (clients), who are isolated from each other.

  • Report & Analysis

    Provides reports by categories and macro categories visited, in real time, and scheduled by e-mail.

  • Compatible with any Router

    Compatible with any router, HotSpot Wifi, firewall and gateway. Supports static and dynamic IP & DDNS protocol.