Strong points

DNS security at the global level

FlashStart operates globally in DNS security.  As a European leader, it combines advanced intelligence with technology features.  In some respects, it is truly superior to the American corporate giants and maintains a more humane business philosophy.  A team of experts works every day to provide the best multilingual support, the maximum business affordability, and the development of ad hoc features for internet security in every setting.

Advantages and benefits

Stable global Anycast network (uptime 99.87%) and ultra fast (top five DNS resolvers in the world).

Analysis of 40.000 new domains which are created every day, using A.I. with a predictive capability of > 92.5%.

Filtering malware and unwanted contents in browsing, before they are downloaded to the network.

A priority security of the whole network, including WiFi and IOT connected devices.

Network also protected from DDOS attacks or blacklisting due to reputation loss of public IPs.

Cloud-level protection with maximum blacklist and whitelist customization.

Differentiating filters for users, groups, machines, and schedules with instant changes.

Easy installation with any router or firewall, cannot be disabled by workers or students.

Extremely affordable prices by user type with no additional fees.

Technological and business support for partners, with multilingual chat experts.

Web cataloging with integrated machine learning from government blacklists and reporting of high-risk sites.

90% of active sites are already classified into eighty-five categories that can be used as blacklists.

DNS level blocking, including malicious external links (phishing).

Optional protection for remote connections of workers and students and for browser search results.

Exclusive, geographically based, total browsing block for high-risk countries.

Multi-tenant dashboard for centralized management that can be integrated with Active Directory.

Detailed historical or real-time reports for instant detection of problems.

No costs for software, hardware, or upgrades of networked devices.

Sales only through area partners for the best on-site support.

Regulatory compliance and approval for professional internet protection requests.

Other features