Local Cache that allows for extraordinary DNS performance

Latency optimization

The CloudBOX is an exclusive FlashStart application that primarily enables optimization of operations related to DNS request and resolution.  It can be physical or virtual and has a role as an intermediary cache between users and the cloud, where Flashstart’s intelligence takes place.

The CloudBOX stores memory of DNS requests made, as well as any responses or rejections received from the cloud.  This enables it to further optimize resolution times. 

FlashStart’s Anycast network is among the fastest in the world, according to independent surveys by  Latency even approaches zero when using the CloudBOX, as it stores the results to be returned in memory and is then able to provide the response for repeated requests on its own.

Customization of filters

The CloudBOX, in addition to a historical memory, has the additional feature of encoding the request so that the user’s filtering profile can be identified.  Since the router merely sends the DNS request, with no information about the profile of the person making the request, the CloudBOX is necessary if granular filtering is to be performed. 

By sending filtering policy information to the cloud for various users, groups, machines, and times, FlashStart’s system is able to check whether that type of domain is allowed for that given profile at that given time and then decide whether to return the result or a lockout message.

CloudBOX synchronizes easily with MS Active Directory and the most common RMMs, making filter customization even more effortless.

Other Features