PRO & PRO Plus

Malware and contents protection
based on DNS

Pro Version

In the PRO version, the DNS filter based on AI protects your internet browsing from malware contents and attacks and supplies clear and exhaustive reports, in conformity with local laws.

It is compatible with all types of routers and/or devices connected to the net and can be activated in just a few minutes.
It offers a multi-tenant dashboard, geoblocking, and research filters.

Pro Plus Version

The FlashStart PRO Plus version has the same features as the PRO version but, on top of that, it can be integrated with the MS-Active Directory of Microsoft: a granular protection, that can be set up for users and groups, enjoys protection for remote End-Points (laptops, tablets, mobile phones).

It also includes a local Proxy DNS that can be activated on a virtual machine or on third-party hardware.

Pro & Pro Plus main technical features

FeaturesPRO versionPRO Plus version
   Content & Malware filter
   Geoblocking & Safe Search engine
   Traffic reporting and analysis
   Multi-tenant dashboard
   MS Active Directory synch
   On-premise local DNS cache
   Granular filter for users/groups/machines
   Endpoint & smartphone protection (ClientShield)

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What customers say about us

FlashStart is a web filter that is easy to install and configure on any device.

We have been using FlashStart for almost 3 years and have never had any problems. None of our customers have had any problems with malware in this time period.

Its performance has been decisive for us. Extremely flexible and functional.

Pablo Lluviera

CEO, NST-Group