Pro vs ProPlus version

In the Pro & ProPlus version, the DNS filter based on AI protects your internet browsing from malware attacks and supplies clear and exhaustive reports.
Features Pro ProPlus
Newly registered domains Blocking new domains for 30 days to classify their activity
ADS Blocker Blocking of domains of advertising origin.
Customisable Block Page Complete customisation of the block page with specific warnings or messages to users
Export in PDF Possibility of receiving our reports clearly and in PDF format
Historical navigation research Detailed history of DNS resolution requests
7 days
30 days
API report Possibility of requesting an API key to interface with our Reports
Data export (ftp) Allows periodic export of global data in raw format
Compatibility with any router and firewall Easy installation with any device
API integration Ability to request an API key to interface with our Dashboard
Secure DNS (Doh and DoT) Encrypt all DNS requests, protecting against any malicious attacks.
GDPR & CCPA & POPI compliant Commitment to protecting the privacy of personal data and compliance with privacy laws in these specific jurisdictions.
Multilingual documentation and materials Guides, brochures and documents in various languages available to partners
Online periodic training Training, coaching etc.

Pro Version

In the Pro version, the DNS filter based on AI protects your internet browsing from malware contents and attacks and supplies clear and exhaustive reports, in conformity with local laws.

It is compatible with all types of routers and/or devices connected to the net and can be activated in just a few minutes.
It offers a multi-tenant dashboard, geoblocking , and research filters.


Try safe surfing for free !

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.

ProPlus Version

The FlashStart ProPlus version has the same features as the Pro version but, on top of that, it can be integrated with the MS-Active Directory of Microsoft: a granular protection, that can be set up for users and groups, enjoys protection for remote End-Points (laptops, tablets, mobile phones).

It also includes a local Proxy DNS that can be activated on a virtual machine or on third-party hardware.

FlashStart in numbers

156 Countries reached

around the world

713 Partners

have chosen FlashStart

25000000 Users protected

against malware and contents

15000000000 Queries protected

by our DNS system

Pro & ProPlus main technical features

Content filter

It protects users while they browse, blocking undesired, dangerous, and illegal contents.

Prevention against threats

Protection from malware attacks, botnet, phishing, ransomware, and others threats.

Geo Blocking and Safe Search

Prevents access to sites in certain geographical areas. With Google Safe Search, it blocks inappropriate images from search results.

Integration with MS Active Directory

Granular protection and it allows the use of diversified filtering policies for different types of users, groups, and devices.

End-point protection

Security for users in smart working or working remotely with any device.

Reports and analysis

Clear and comprehensive reports to analyse the use of the Internet resource.


Functionality capable of select and block
unwanted applications.


Functionality that prevents access to websites hosted on compromised servers.

DNS Encrypted (DoH)

DNS over HTTPS can encrypt all requests and entire native processes by protecting them from any malicious attack.

Anycast global network

Distributed worldwide with the guarantee average 99,62% up time (source:


Support for static and dynamic IP. Compatible with all routers and WiFi hotspots.

Dashboard multi-tenant

It allows management of protection from a single panel for all customers/profiles.

GDPR compliant

It complies with EU GDPR directives on privacy and the regulations on the protection of minors.

Excellent technical support

24/7 language support from our highly qualified customers engineers.

20 years of experience

Appreciated by customers who consider it to be one of their best partners.