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FlashStart is a global security service in DNS filtering solutions, securing businesses, K-12 schools, and governments from cyber threats and inappropriate web contents.

The global network Anycast and artificial intelligence guarantee fast, reliable, and up-to-date internet protection everywhere.

Ideal for MSPs and ISPs thanks to easy installation and compatibility with any device, with innovative, customizable, and extremely detailed features.

90% of Enterprises
are vulnerable to malwares

According to the latest statistics, more than ninety percent of enterprises are vulnerable, and ransomware (ex: hacker attacks with extortion) confirm that they are the most dangerous, with total payments in excess of $20 billion and estimated to grow by tenfold over the next ten years.

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Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience 24×7.

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A use case Quick overview

The answer of a growing demand of Security

Flashstart’s AI-supported DNS filtering ensures that ISPs and WISPs have an efficient bandwidth, safe from irritating DDOS and malware attacks.  It keeps the network clean, preventing the compromise of public IPs and subsequent customer calls for assistance.  Speeds among the fastest in the world, thanks to our extremely stable Global Anycast Network.  FlashStart also offers unique and effective geographically-based filtering to completely block browsing in high-risk countries. Extremely detailed, historical or instantaneous reports allow immediate detection of any problems in the network.  Pricing policies based on user traffic consumption and ease of installation in any type of network, without the need for additional software or hardware, make our solution extremely user-friendly. Convenience and reliability go hand-in-hand with international privacy and child protection regulations.

The optimal solution for the demands of MSPs

FlashStart’s DNS intelligence offers ad-hoc solutions to managed service providers.
These include ease of installation and management from a single, centralized panel, with the widest possible customization of filtering on the cloud, along with related reports, thanks to as many as two hundred blacklist categories, continuously updated by artificial intelligence.  Filtering policies are applicable for groups, machines, and users, even remotely, with immediate synchronization of Active Directory profiles.  For even greater security, we offer the ability to monitor search results, and a unique, geographically based, traffic blocking feature for high-risk areas.  Maximum stability is provided by one of the fastest global Anycast networks in the world, according to independent surveys by  Customized licensing models, credit without expiration, brand customization, and excellent technical sales support guarantee business opportunities beyond the market, for all of our MSP partners.

The most suitable for retailers’ needs

To ensure the best protection around the world, FlashStart has chosen to entrust customer contact and distribution to professional partners and area dealers, with the capability of customizing the service with their own brand name.
We guarantee significantly higher profit margins than market competitors, and, at the same time, an excellent product with the best quality/price ratio for end users.
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms with extremely high predictive capability, two hundred blacklist categories that are constantly being updated, a robust global Anycast network that is among the fastest in the world, and exclusive options, such as protection on a geographic basis, are just some of the advanced features that raise our product to the highest levels of performance and affordability.

The key to resolution for companies and schools

FlashStart delivers cloud-based internet security without the need for hardware or software installations. Equipped with AI-supported filtering, it safeguards against viruses, hacker attacks, and data theft, offering tailored protection for companies and educational institutions. In the corporate realm, content monitoring prevents access to inappropriate sites and curtails online distractions. For education, it ensures a secure online environment, blocking cyber threats and unwanted content. The solution provides centralized management, extends protection to remote connections, and complies with data processing regulations. No additional hardware or software is required.

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