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Mappa di tutti i nodi protetti dall'internet filter FlashStart

The FlashStart Cloud is a web filter that runs on geographically diverse server farms using Anycast network technology, to provide a high service availability and low latency.

FlashStart is a simple web filter ideal to integrate as part of an MSP, ISP or WISP service; FlashStart supports many integration possibilities such as APIs, BGP network integration, on-premise/near premise deployment models and White Labelling; service operations are controlled using a modern dashboard which is easy to use, scalable and supports multi-tenancy.

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Our Global Anycast Network Map

Mappa di tutti i nodi protetti dall'internet filter FlashStart

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Provide Web filtering to any account, leaving the customers the freedom to configure it as they want.

Thanks to FlashStart’s internet filter we managed to have a good use of the internet in the networks of the three international airports of Bolivia, preventing users from entering to prohibited pages.

FlashStart is an internet filter easy to install and set up on devices.