Roaming protection for

Ransomware / Malware / Phishing / Smishing / Data theft / Undesired contents / Online grooming

Who can we protect?

In order to guarantee browsing that is safe from malware and undesired contents, FlashStart uses a cloud filter based on artificial intelligence and distributed at the global level through an Anycast network. Such infrastructure boasts a variety of data centers on all continents and, therefore, ensures extremely high and fast performance in every country in the world.

With ClientShield, online browsing is protected even when using your own mobile data and/or Wi-Fi. Client Shield is compatible with the main operating systems, such as Microsoft™ Windows™, Android™, iOS™, Chromebook™ and Mac OS™.
Finally, ClientShield is ideal for slow internet connections, since it filters only DNS traffic without hindering other data.

FlashStart Clientshield Apple Developer
Kristof Van Landschoot

“I am committed to the implementation of a robust defense against malware and unwanted content for users connected with their personal unsecured network.”

How does the protection work?

Once the FlashStart ClientShield app is installed in the device that needs to be protected, it implements a safe “DNS tunnel”, capable of protecting users from malware and unwanted contents.

ClientShield provides the same protection as the company/school cloud filter, can be managed through the same user interface by the network Administrator, and allows central monitoring over the use of installed applications.
Thanks to the “switch off” option, when the user accesses a network protected by the cloud filter, the client is automatically disabled in favor of the internal network rules.

FlashStart ClientShield is hence the best solution for Endpoint protection, since it satisfies all the professional requirements of the company version and can be installed in a few minutes.

Try safe surfing for free !

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.


Compatible devices: Windows / Android / Chromebook / iOS / Mac OS

Blocked application: the downloaded app is resistant to changes

Optimized network compatibility for reduced bandwidth

DNS package normal latency

Required memory: 1MB

Missing: widely compatible

App control through DNS resolution

Support for the set up of private IP addresses (NAT and CGNAT)

No router configuration needed

Unified-Management: it integrates the same service policies as FlashStart

Whitelist & Blacklist

Content control

Safe search: Google, BING, Duckduck Go, Youtube

Threat control: ransomware, viruses, trojans, botnets and others

Geoblocking: it is possible to exclude high-risk countries

Block of illegal contents

It’s possible to block/allow access to websites at specific times

It is fully compliant with GDPR