FlashStart 4.0 is now online!

Important innovations in the field of cyber protection

The new FlashStart is now online and has brought with it important innovations in the field of Cyber Security, providing more cutting-edge protection that is increasingly efficient.

1. The new FlashStart 4.0

Cyber Security is soaring, which is why FlashStart has made revolutionary releases that will bring with them major innovations in the field of cyber protection, including:

» APP-Blocker: selects and blocks unwanted applications.
» IP-Blocking: prevents access to websites hosted on compromised servers.
» DNS over HTTPS (DoH): encrypted DNS protocol.
» Instant push: instantly spreads changes around the world.
…and many other amazing features!

Important topics we reported on in the webinar, all supported by explanatory and summarizing slides.

> Download here the slides on ” The new FlashStart: innovation coming! “

[Video explaining the new functions]

2. Important innovations in the field of Cyber Security

FlashStart is one of the world’s leading DNS security and filtering companies. It was born from the great passion for Internet security of a team of experts in the IT world.

We are excited to share with you the amazing new version of FlashStart. This revolutionary release will bring with it important innovations in the field of cyber protection, including:

» APP-Blocker.
» IP-Blocking.
» DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
» Instant push.

>> FlashStart is the leader in cloud Internet Security and protects you against malware and undesired content → Try it now

2.1 APP-Blocker

Through application-blocking, it is possible to exclude, through certain modes, what are the
possible distractions of users:

» video games
» music
» dating apps
…and much more.

The flexibility of FlashStart allows the user various and customized solutions with features that characterize filtering making it convenient and practical. We can block apps deemed most dangerous according to the user and unblock those deemed non-offensive and free of danger with, in addition, the ability to schedule blocks and elements, banning access to certain content only within a time slot.

2.2 IP blocking

Through blocking by IP, it is possible to prevent access to websites hosted on compromised servers.

This new feature means that a user, with our DNS server, can block the IP directly, preventing any other attack attempts.

This feature allows the user to block all domains that pass by a certain IP address. This allows the user to avoid hand-writing every domain that passes by that particular address.

2.3 DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

DNS over HTTPS is an encrypted DNS protocol.

Previously, with the simple DNS protocol, when a DNS request was made from the PC to the Router or any other device, everything was unencrypted, that is, visible to possible cyber attacks such as DNS Spoofing.

Using FlashStart’s ClientShield, all packets were closed within a secure VPN connection.

Now, with the new DNS over HTTPS feature, all requests are made natively under this protection: thus the entire processes are encrypted and certified by the SSL/TSL protocol, thus safe from any malicious attack.

2.4 Instant push

Another new feature for the new FlashStart is Instant push, which instantly spreads changes around the world-any changes made on one’s profile configuration from the Cloud panel will be instantly applied globally to all configured devices.

3. The benefits of FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence

FlashStart’s DNS intelligence allows users to prevent dangers before they download them into their memories, protecting the entire network a priori, a parallel benefit of being able to filter content in addition to malware.

The effectiveness of DNS monitoring with respect to URLs is permanent even though these can easily change.
FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence possesses approval and professional validity in cases where the law requires monitoring of Internet traffic with administrative responsibilities.

The benefits of cloud-based protection cannot be disabled by end users and is self-updating without cost, savings and you have the advantages of not having to install additional software and hardware on the network or on individual devices in the enterprise (only apps for remotes).

Flashstart’s DNS filtering supports:

» Artificial Intelligence with over 92.5% predictive ability and analysis of 50 thousand new domains that on average are assigned every day.
» 100 blacklist categories for maximum customization of malware and content filters.
» Integration with MS Active Directory.
» Endpoint protection: remote workers, remote education.. malware security, from inappropriate content and efficiency from distractions by installing Client Shield in the remote devices provided.
» Worldwide security and better roaming with Anycast Network (stable and fast based on data on dnsperf.com).
» Geoblocking for protection on geographical basis, exclusive to propose especially in times of cyber wars.
» Multitenant dashboard for centralized management, instant filter changes with increased intervention efficiency and configuration cost savings on individual devices
» Detailed reports by category, macrocategory, historical period up to six months or real time.
» GDPR compliance and international privacy regulations.
» Compatibility and easy installation with all connecting devices, example of Mikrotik and its certification.
» Optional integrations to optimize addressing (Cloud BOX).
» Advanced solution to enhance perimeter control (Hybrid BOX).
»  Technical sales chat support.

Finally, FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence also proves very useful in case of investigations. Knowing everything possible about a site, and how it is connected to a DNS system, makes it possible to reconstruct the paths taken by a cybercriminal, increasing the chances of intercepting them.

4. Changelog Refactoring

» Cloud platform and Costumer area in French and Portuguese language ( 6 languages total );
» New Protection management with new Protection modules:

    » APP Blocker
    » Content Filter
    » Threat protection
    » IP blocking
    » Cloning Profiles from Source

» Addition of DoH Networks (DNS over Https);
» Protection for Remote End-Points also on Mac and iOS (in addition to Windows and Chrome).

>> FlashStart is the leader in cloud Internet Security and protects you against malware and undesired content → Try it now

You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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