Medical IT Advisors and FlashStart together in New Zealand

Synergy for Cyber Security in New Zealand

Medical IT Advisors and FlashStart have formed a collaboration for Cyber Security through DNS filtering with companies in New Zealand.

In this synergy FlashStart will use its entire infrastructure, support and advanced DNS filtering technology using Artificial Intelligence whilst Medical IT Advisors will offer their fantastic capabilities of New Zealand distributions.

In addition, through Medical IT Advisor, FlashStart has tomorrow’s list of “Health Threat Intelligence” put at the service of all customers for state-of-the-art protection.

1. The need for Cyber Security in New Zealand

Roughly 5 billion users have utilised the internet during the last year in New Zealand and more than 80% have used social networks whilst the number of mobile connections has even exceeded the total number of the population because it results in being 25% of people connected on multiple devices.

In a technological refiguration this advanced, it is easy to understand that Cyber Security in New Zealand is an everyday need that shouldn’t be undervalued.
For this reason Medical IT Advisors, always much aware of the changes in the cyber sector, have decided to form a partnership with FlashStart to offer an efficient DNS filter in their own country.

The Artificial Intelligence of FlashStart in fact unravels by a preventative diagnosis on all active domains, with classification into 200 categories used as a blacklist for blocking dangerous and undesired content.

>> Download the Press Release “CyberShield” and learn more about our Synergy

2. Why FlashStart and Medical IT Advisors

FlashStart is the European leader in DNS filtering, covering the globe. Its DNS service is projected towards protecting companies from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and every other kind of cyber threat. An anycast global network at the highest level of quality, speed and stability guarantees an efficient Internet protection anywhere, update by Artificial Intelligence.

The vision of FlashStart is that of guaranteeing the Cyber Security of the users before concentrating on any type of economic aspect. For this reason it has a DNS filtering platform with Artificial Intelligence. The in Cloud service has a network of locally selected partners that is ever growing, thus guaranteeing an immediate local intervention for any kind of need. Thanks to the constant dedication and growth in Cyber Security, FlashStart today operates in 156 countries throughout the world.

Medical IT Advisors is a provider of managed security services, specialised in Cyber Security for companies, healthcare organizations and no-profit.

Medical IT Advisors produces high quality and reliable Threat Intelligence based on browsing. FlashStart transposes their Threat intelligence updates every three hours by integrating a separate anti-malware Blacklist.

The distribution network of Medical IT Advisors allows companies in New Zealand to benefit from the AI of FlashStart, preventively blocking downloads of cyber threats of any kind.

This important partnership will grow the level of Cyber Security all over New Zealand.

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3. How the DNS filter works

To protect navigating, at home or even in the office, as well as avoiding dangerous or threatening sites it is indispensable to use a good filter.

Filtering on a DNS level allows you to discriminate the access of Internet content based around DNS control on a determined website. The system works directly on the numeric IP address of which the user wants to access, verifying how to act upon the stabilised rules, maybe eventually blocking the request that the user has made.

In this way no content or malware is downloaded into the users memory because the infected or inappropriate page is blocked from the outset. This prevention therefore is valid for all devices that are connected to the company network on WiFi, including memory devices on which it is not possible to install an antivirus (printers, webcams, IoT, etc..).

4. The advantage of the synergy between FlashStart and Medical IT Advisors

FlashStart presents notable advantages inside companies. In fact its protection is compatible with any router, firewall and work environment such as Active Directory. It allows you to manage filtering that can be differentiated in users or groups, compartments, devices or even based on time.

The control panel allows you to activate, or not, with a click, 200 categories of domains that can be used as a system blacklist. In this way it is possible to keep under control not only malware threats or inappropriate content but also online distractions. Online gaming, social networks, e-commerce sites, streaming sites etc. can all be interrupted during working hours in an effort to try and preserve the human resource efficiency as well as avoiding the unfortunate consumption of bandwidth.

The remote workers can also enjoy the same protection that is applied to the office WiFi, even personalised policies. In any case the filters can be varied in real time from the headquarters.

All this without update costs for your devices, this is because the variation in classifying the domains happens automatically in cloud thanks to the uninterrupted investigation from Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to Medical IT Advisors, the FlashStart solution will be distributed at some very convenient final prices with great margins for all channels.

5. Press release: find out about online newspapers

Here are some online newspaper that decided to publish the important press release from Medical IT Advisor.

Document yourself and learn about the new world of Cyber Security in New Zealand:


You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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As chief marketing executive, my mission is to create impactful activities and campaigns that resonate with our audience, stimulating engagement and promoting brand loyalty.
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