How to Sell Cyber Security to customers

Sales Opportunities with Cyber Security

In the recent Web Seminar “How to Sell Cyber Security to customers” we illustrated several useful points by giving an overview of the growing Internet risks and the need to protect against these cyber attacks, then moving on to the growth of Internet use, threats, the increase in inappropriate content, and finally to the focus of the event: discussing how to do business with Cybersecurity and the benefits that FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence can offer.

1. [Webinar] How to Sell Cyber Security to customers

In the recent October 4 Seminar, we outlined promotional levers and innovative, user-friendly Marketing Tools, to make it easier for everyone to sell Cyber Security.

Undoubtedly a big business opportunity for our Partners, who have been growing with us for years, in a market where Cyber Security is soaring and more and more businesses, institutions and schools are demanding protection tools from MSPs and IT consultants, given the growing dangers.

Important topics that illustrate the landscape of Cyber security today and how it will be in the coming years going on to enrich the discussion by talking about how to do business and the benefits that FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence can offer, all supported by explanatory and summarizing slides.

2. How to Do Business with Cyber Security

Cyber security, as already pointed out, is a fast-growing market.
IoTs (internet-connected tools) are also a growing market where a virus could settle because having internal memories and being connected by WiFi, they cannot be protected by antivirus.

From the current 30 percent, it is estimated that medium and small businesses in the next few years will seek internet protection through MSPs, a percentage that will reach 43 percent, creating expansion and customer retention opportunities for providers.
Being a technology market, the expansion cycle is very fast so consolidated positioning within 3 years is recommended, otherwise the competition will have too much of an advantage.

Through our Webinar appointment we provided an opportunity to evaluate some new, easy-to-use Marketing Tools that can help in communicating the importance of Cyber Security to your customers.

>> FlashStart is the leader in cloud Internet Security and protects you against malware and undesired content → Request a quotation or try it now

3. FlashStart, Italy’s DNS Security among global biggies

FlashStart is the European leader in DNS Intelligence. Our cloud-based filtering, with Artificial Intelligence support, secures about 5 billion Internet accesses every day and more than 20 million users worldwide.

Security through DNS is one of the most current competitive trends in the world of Cyber Security in the cloud. Italy’s FlashStart has earned a place among the world’s top Internet filters, using Artificial Intelligence to classify domains into 85 categories that can be used as blacklists.

The advanced integration between machine learning, government blacklists and web threat reports can block malware and inappropriate content while keeping public IPs in good standing. All with stability and speed indexes among the top 5 globally.

Protecting Internet users around the world in the best possible way has been our mission for years, but also that of our Partners, which is why we want to point you to a series of tools and tips, which in addition to saving time, can greatly expand the business of IT resellers.

4. The benefits of FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence

FlashStart’s DNS intelligence allows users to prevent dangers before they download them into their memories, protecting the entire network a priori, a parallel benefit of being able to filter content in addition to malware.

The effectiveness of DNS monitoring with respect to URLs is permanent even though these can easily change.
FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence possesses approval and professional validity in cases where the law requires monitoring of Internet traffic with administrative responsibilities.

The benefits of cloud-based protection cannot be disabled by end users and is self-updating without cost, savings and you have the advantages of not having to install additional software and hardware on the network or on individual devices in the enterprise (only apps for remotes).

Flashstart’s DNS filtering supports:

» Artificial Intelligence with over 92.5% predictive ability and analysis of 50 thousand new domains that on average are assigned every day.
» 200 blacklist categories for maximum customization of malware and content filters.
» Integration with MS Active Directory.
» Endpoint protection: remote workers, remote education.. malware security, from inappropriate content and efficiency from distractions by installing Client Shield in the remote devices provided.
» Worldwide security and better roaming with Anycast Network (stable and fast based on data on
» Geoblocking for protection on geographical basis, exclusive to propose especially in times of cyber wars.
» Multitenant dashboard for centralized management, instant filter changes with increased intervention efficiency and configuration cost savings on individual devices
» Detailed reports by category, macrocategory, historical period up to six months or real time.
» GDPR compliance and international privacy regulations.
» Compatibility and easy installation with all connecting devices, example of Mikrotik and its certification.
» Optional integrations to optimize addressing (Cloud BOX).
» Advanced solution to enhance perimeter control (Hybrid BOX).
»  Technical sales chat support.

Finally, FlashStart’s DNS Intelligence also proves very useful in case of investigations. Knowing everything possible about a site, and how it is connected to a DNS system, makes it possible to reconstruct the paths taken by a cybercriminal, increasing the chances of intercepting them.

>> FlashStart is the leader in cloud Internet Security and protects you against malware and undesired content → Request a quotation or try it now

You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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As chief marketing executive, my mission is to create impactful activities and campaigns that resonate with our audience, stimulating engagement and promoting brand loyalty.

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As chief marketing executive, my mission is to create impactful activities and campaigns that resonate with our audience, stimulating engagement and promoting brand loyalty.
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