Web Security for Distance Learning

Protecting Students
at Home as well as at School

Our solution for distance learning

Distance learning is booming and increasingly vulnerable to the dangers of the internet.
FlashStart protects any remotely connected student as if he/she were in school, requires no additional hardware, and is activated in seconds. Because it is a cloud-based filter, it cannot be disabled by users.  It performs advanced monitoring, with artificial intelligence, against threats of viruses, data theft, and child grooming, which cannot be controlled remotely.  It allows for the filtering of unwanted contents and images from search results, as well.  It provides a valuable tool for combatting bullying and pornography problems within the school network and on remotely provided devices, for which the administration is generally responsible under local regulations and statutes.  Installable as an endpoint application, it has a negligible impact on the user’s battery, does not slow down browsing, and does not prevent access to school resources.  It provides protection anywhere:  at home, in the library, or on a field trip.

Benefits for Distance Learning connections protected by FlashStart

Available for desktop, tablet & mobile

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We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.

FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.

We needed more than just a quality filter, we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.