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Protect your students at home as if they were in school

Protect your Students at Home in distance learning

Available for desktop, tablet & mobile

Grant your Students a safe Internet experience at School and at Home

Home schooling can quickly and easily be made safe from Internet dangers such as adult content and malware.
FlashStart ClientShield protects any device, requires no additional hardware and deploys remotely in minutes. It guarantees home-based students the same level of protection as a firewalled internet within a school.
More than 10,000 schools and universities in 115 countries rely on FlashStart to protect students, financial records and private information.

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We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.

FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.

We needed more than just a quality filter, we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.