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Distance learning is booming and increasingly vulnerable to the dangers of the Internet.
FlashStart protects any remotely connected student as if they were at school, requires no additional hardware and activates in seconds. As a cloud-based filter, it cannot be disabled by users. It performs advanced monitoring, with artificial intelligence, against virus threats, data theft and grooming of minors, which cannot be controlled remotely. It also allows filtering of unwanted content and images from search results. Provides a valuable tool to combat bullying and pornography issues within the school network and on remotely provided devices, for which the administration is generally responsible under local regulations and statutes. Installable as an endpoint application, it has negligible impact on the user’s battery, does not slow down browsing and does not prevent access to school resources. Provides protection anywhere: at home, in the library or on a field trip.

Advantages for FlashStart-protected remote learning connections

Seguridad avanzada

DNS protection against malware attacks, data theft, scams, illegal and inappropriate content, bullying, pornography and web grooming, enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Monitoreo efectivo

Effective content filtering to block sources of distraction, even on remote devices, to maximize student attention.

Instalación flexible

Instant installation as an endpoint application for tablets, laptops and smartphones, without additional hardware and with negligible battery consumption.

Protección en todas partes

Protection anywhere: at home, in the library, at school and on the move. It does not block access to school resources and does not slow down browsing. In fact, it ensures fast roaming.

Gestión centralizada

Manage settings and filter differentiation directly from the office, even by time zone. Exclusive tracking on a geographic basis and on search results that cannot be disabled by students.

Excelente valor

Extension of protection to remote devices at a very affordable price, since the filter is already installed in the institution’s network.

Available for computer, tablet and mobile

MacOS / iOS


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Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always up to date in the cloud and with first-class speed, stability and quality. All this accompanied by the support of a team of maximum experience h24.

FlashStart in numbers

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