Programs that block the access to the Internet

What programs that block Internet access are

It could be useful, or even necessary, to consider a program for blocking the access to Internet in a working environment or even a domestic one. The aim would be to limit and control the access to sites for security reasons or even for improving productivity. In this article we will illustrate the functions of programs that block the access to Internet and what the reasons for using them are.

1. What a program that blocks the access to the Internet is

Just as the name would have you believe, a program that blocks the access to the Internet is a software that prevents or limits the access to the Internet of a determined device or within a network. You can limit the access without completely blocking it by filtering specific websites or even by imposing time limits or, finally, by completely interrupting the connection. All of these modes can be useful in either a working or domestic environment.

In a domestic one, a parent can use these programs or services for protecting their children’s navigation against undesired content. Many smartphones already have such filters integrated that will block the access to some determined websites or even by imposing time limits. 

Companies, instead, make the most of these services to have the certainty that their staff only use the Internet in an appropriate way during their work hours. Blocking the access to websites that have nothing to do with their work, the companies manage to improve productivity but above all prevent potential security breach risks. 

One last motive for using such programs is the fight against the dependency that navigation can bring about. This, above all, is valid for minors: a pre-imposed time limit allows the parent to calm down the navigation and protect the health of their children. 

Independently from the choice of motive, it is very important to know, right from the outset, that these types of services are already numerous and that the free ones, or those already present on devices, have many notable limits. 

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2. What to consider when using a program that blocks the access to the Internet

You must consider, in first place, the motive for which you desire to block the access to the Internet. Even if the principal motivation is just that of blocking determined sites or the limit of access time, it is preferable to consider straight away a filter service for the navigation, above all in a company. 

In second place, it is important to prefer a filter system in respect to a program that has been installed onto the device because this type of service is capable of limiting Internet access to all devices that are connected to the same network, at home or in a company. 

Also, fundamentally, consider the ease of use and the options of personalisation that are offered by either a program or a service. In respect to these characteristics, the free programs or services proposed by devices such as the Iphone or Google or YouTube, or parental control programs can demonstrate to be insufficient. Also, free services such as these are easily circumventable. 

With a navigation filter that can be personalised, it is possible to set up (easily) the restrictions for blocking the access to websites or even content that could be damaging or not suitable to minors for example. The personalisation and trust of a good navigation filter, also, protects the user from unjustified blocks or so called false negatives. 

Well, when choosing a program for blocking the access to the Internet, it is important to consider right from the start the motives for which you are desiring to block or limit the access, the platform or network on which you wish to instal the service and the options of personalization that are offered. 

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3. Programs for blocking the access to the Internet: the advantages

The usage of services or programs that block the access to the Internet have evident advantages, lets go over them. A filter for the navigation in a work environment can contribute to improving productivity, also in studying, it protects the younger ones and the defenceless from damaging content that is present on the Network. Not only, these services can also act as a kind of virtual shield, blocking the access to potentially damaging websites or blocking the access to personal and sensitive information. It is here that a navigation filter service is more preferable because the service is capable of blocking the access to sites that don’t appear to be damaging. 

Let’s think, for example, of those who promise easy earnings (in messages or spam) or even ask for personal information such as credit card numbers (phishing) through an sms, a chat or even an email: the navigation filter is capable of blocking web access as soon as the user clicks onto one of these links that are present in the message.

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4. Choosing a program for blocking the access to the Internet

In choosing amongst the services of navigation filtering it is important to verify the gamma of functions available, the simplicity of use and personalization capacities. Also, it is fundamental to trust in a company that guarantees a constant update in their blacklisting, the list of dangerous sites upon which you need to activate a block.

In general, a good filter system is also easy to use, at least in the first stages of installation, but if needed they should also offer you an online support that is in your language. Plus, the services that offer a clear and organized user interface are best as you can easily access them for the various functions and set ups. 

A filter service, as well as being independent from the device itself, doesn’t create problems as far as operating systems, application and network compatibility is concerned. Finally, it is also important to consider the service price or even the costs of a program for blocking Internet access. If you choose a service, you will pay a monthly fee without any hidden surprises that includes updates and assistance. In any case, you should also remember that to guarantee online security as well as privacy through a valid filter service it is important that you invest.

5. Programs for blocking Internet access: the latest trends

The best navigation filters are constantly being updated and improved. For example, by integrating artificial intelligence solutions for improving the detection of online threats as well as a better personalization of blocking set ups through automation. 

Another area of development is the dynamic updating of the blacklist and the introduction of functions such as Geoblocking that allows you to isolate the navigation of domains and IP Addresses from which attacks can be launched by cyber criminals. 

Therefore, when choosing, it is important to consider a supplier that demonstrates particular attention in the integration of new functions and the updating of the database of sites to avoid.

6. The characteristics of the best DNS filters for navigation

For that which has been said, to avoid running into damaging sites it is recommended that you equip yourself with a filter service that is based on the DNS. Many DNS filters are too sophisticated, complex in their installation and management as well as being expensive. There are others that are perfect for family use, for Public Administration and Teaching Institutions. The DNS filter from FlashStart is the right choice for those who are looking for a monitoring and navigation service that is easy to configure, personalise and always updated.

The FlashStart DNS filter analyses, with careful attention, all of the stops along the way of the journey in your request to access a site. The filter also uses algorithms of machine learning for instantly excluding dangerous paths, thus speeding up the control routines. Also, FlashStart uses updated trustworthy DNS registers to analyse the route of the user to the requested site.

Capable of filtering roughly 2 billion web site queries, FlashStart DNS protects on a daily basis the navigation of 25 million users, it is also present in over 40 countries throughout the world and in roughly 10 thousand companies, schools and public administrations and is paid, on a service basis, by 700 certified partners.

FlashStart DNS, also, is always adopted by the Italian Internet Service Providers who have to adhere to the laws of minor protection when navigating.

In conclusion, let’s look again at the seven distinct points of the FlashStart DNS:

» Very frequent updates of the Blacklist: FlashStart verifies 200 thousand new sites a day.

» A guaranteed low latency (latency is the time that passes between request and access).

» 90 categories of damaging sites and Geoblocking for isolating dangerous Countries.

» Use of Artificial Intelligence for improving the Blacklist quality as well as the latency.

» Easy to configure and personalize.

» Native integration with Microsoft Active Directory to speed up administration work in the systems of Schools, Institutions and PMI.

» Worldwide LAN protection and end point roaming through the Anycast network.

You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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I am dedicated to providing companies with in-depth analysis and high-quality digital content to help them remain competitive in the technology marketplace. I am here to provide clear insights and effective communication strategies for business success.
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