End-of-Life for Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client (April, 2nd).
What can we do?

Preparing for change from Cisco to FlashStart

1. The announcement from Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella have officially announced that its protective software ‘Roaming Client’ for End Point remotes will go out of production (End-of-Life) very shortly, on the 2nd of April 2024. Clients will be obliged to migrate over to ‘Cisco Secure Client’ in as much as even the other End-Point platform, ‘Any Connect’, has been replaced.

Every migration will entail, for the MSP and System Integrators, costs for learning, testing and migration that has not always been positively looked upon by operators in this sector. As well as this it also brings about extra work for the already frenetic lives of the Operators and could result in creating more difficulties for them.

For every platform migration (forced), the Operators should also evaluate other alternatives that are present on the market.

2. Why migrate to FlashStart

An alternative would be that of migrating to FlashStart that, along with the protection of the local network, also includes Roaming Client for the remote End Point devices, perfectly integrated within the very same management dashboard.

FlashStart is also much faster than Cisco Umbrella on a global level (the independent benchmark DNSPerf places Umbrella three positions after FlashStart in terms of performance).

FlashStart is appreciated in more than 156 Countries worldwide for its simplicity as well as its technical support that is always available and highly efficient 24/7.

Native APPs are available for all operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, IoS and Chromebook. It also offers alternative uses of new secure DNS protocols such as DoH and DoT (DNS over Https and DNS over TLS) for those clients who don’t want to install APPs on their remote devices.

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3. How to migrate from Cisco Umbrella to FlashStart

It is quick and easy to migrate to FlashStart by following these steps:

» Export the Cisco Umbrella policy.

» Create from the FlashStart dashboard the new policy, offering more than 100 protection categories, from the ‘APP Blocker’ module to inhibit on a DNS level the singular APP/site along with the exclusive Geoblocking module for isolating traffic towards dangerous Countries in Cyber terms.

» Import personalised Blacklists and Whitelists: FlashStart has a comfortable function for ‘importing through TXT’.

At this point it is possible to choose one of the following two methods of deployment (or a mix of them both).

3.1 Option A – Migrating using the native APP for the operating systems

Once the protection policy is defined and set up it is possible to download the native APP and install it on the End Point remote devices.

For the deployment it is possible to:

» Manually install the APP on the device.

» Send the users a link of the installation instrument with integrated Email.

» Perform the massive deployment automatically via the Windows command line.

» Use any RMM software by deploying the package iin MSI format.

The APPs, starting with the Windows one, also have a “PIN” protection system to prevent the user (voluntarily or involuntarily) from disabling the protection.

Through the dashboard it is always possible to monitor connected Clients, usage sessions and inactive Clients.

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3.2 Option B – Migrating and using the secure DNS protocols DoH and DoT

FlashStart natively implements the new secure protocols DoH and DoT (DNS over Https and DNS over TLS) that have been studied especially for being respectively implemented in the browser or in the operating systems of the remote devices. The DoH and DoT of FlashStart can be personalised by the client and profiles and are immediately capable of being set up on remote Clients, applying the relative personalised protection policies.

DoH and DoT represent, thanks to the implementation of FlashStart, a valid alternative for those scenarios where you don’t wish to install any additional software on your devices.

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4. The special promotion for Cisco Umbrella clients

FlashStart care about the Clients and MSP Partners and System integrators who wish to migrate their Remote Client group from Cisco Umbrella to FlashStart.

All of the new Clients, with a current valid Cisco Umbrella license, will automatically get a 6 month service addition if they activate a year or superior license.

The promotion is also valid for the MSP and System Integrators who already use FlashStart and migrate new Clients who are using Cisco Umbrella.

The promotion ends on 31st March 2024.

To have a free trial of FlashStart you can activate a Trial version.

For the price list and quote please make an online request.

5. References

» The Cisco official announcement:


All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners

You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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As chief marketing executive, my mission is to create impactful activities and campaigns that resonate with our audience, stimulating engagement and promoting brand loyalty.
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