DNS DDos Protection: how to prevent these attacks with FlashStart

How to prevent these attacks with FlashStart

In this post, we will explore a common type of attack on the internet: DNS DDos.
We will see how to prevent these attacks and how they work. We will examine various strategies and solutions for the protection of network infrastructure from potential threats and for achieving comprehensive DNS DDos protection.

1. Understanding DNS DDos attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are an increasingly common threat in the digital world. They aim to flood a server, network, or application with bogus traffic, overloading it and causing service disruptions. DNS DDos attacks, in particular, target the Domain Name System (DNS), which is an essential part of navigating the internet.

Without a DNS server, we would have to access every server in the world via IP, wouldn’t we?
By targeting DNS, attackers can cause extensive damage. A successful attack can render a website inaccessible, with serious consequences for businesses and end users.

2. Methods of mitigation

Several strategies and solutions exist to protect network infrastructure from DNS DDoS attacks. Some of the most effective DNS DDoS protections are:

» DNS redundancy: using multiple, geographically dispersed DNS servers can help distribute traffic and reduce the impact of an attack. If one server is attacked, the others can continue to function and provide service. It is very common to see this system in various public cloud services.
» Traffic filtering: by implementing intrusion prevention systems and firewalls, incoming traffic can be analyzed and filtered, identifying and blocking malicious traffic before it reaches the DNS server.
» Rate limiting: setting limits for the number of DNS requests a server can receive in a given time period can help minimize the impact of a DNS DDos attack.
Monitoring and alerting: implementing monitoring and warning systems can help detect attacks in real time and enable a rapid response to disruptions.

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3. Advantages of DNS DDos protection

Implementing measures to protect against DDos DNS attacks has many benefits for companies and organizations, including:

» Improved availability and service: by preventing service interruptions caused by DNS DDos attacks, better service and higher availability for end users are ensured.
» Financial risk reduction: a successful DNS DDos attack can have a negative impact on a company’s revenue, especially if the website is crucial to business operations. By protecting against these attacks, the associated financial risk is minimized.
» Reputation protection: service disruptions due to a DNS DDos attack can damage a company’s reputation. By ensuring proper DNS DDos protection, customer trust is maintained and potential damage to brand image is avoided.
» Regulatory compliance: in some cases, protection against DNS DDos attacks may fall under regulatory compliance requirements, especially for companies that handle sensitive information.

4. Choosing the right solution

Choosing the right DNS DDos protection solution is essential in order to ensure that your organization is well-protected against the risks associated with these attacks. Here are some key factors to consider when making this important decision:

Risk assessment: before choosing a solution, it is crucial to assess the level of risk to which your organization is exposed. It is important to consider factors such as traffic volume, the visibility of your brand online, and the sensitivity of the information stored in your systems. So, the higher the risk, the more robust the solution to be implemented must be. DNS DDos protection should be one of the main factors to be considered for any business.

Integration with existing infrastructure: it is important to ensure that the solution chosen is compatible with the existing network infrastructure. This includes the ability to integrate with DNS servers, monitoring systems, and other key infrastructure components. Remember that FlashStart can be integrated into your infrastructure without your having to make any changes. You will have complete DNS DDos protection.

Scalability: as your company grows, so will the amount of traffic and the complexity of your network infrastructure. Always make sure that the solution you choose can adapt to these changes and provide long-term DNS DDos protection.

Ease of implementation and maintenance: the DNS DDos protection solution must be easy to implement and maintain, especially if the company does not have an in-house security team. This can include features such as an intuitive user interface, process automation, and comprehensive technical support.

By taking these key factors into consideration, you can choose the right DNS DDos protection solution for your organization and ensure that your online resources are protected from potential attacks. Whether you opt for an in-house solution or choose a service provider such as FlashStart, the most important thing is to make a decision based upon your specific needs and available resources.

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5. How FlashStart can help you fight DDos attacks

A DDoS attack focuses on the general attack on a target. Since it is a distributed attack, it requires a number of hosts, usually infected with some type of virus or malware acting as instructed, usually creating a botnet.
It is likely that a user may not be aware that his or her device is being used to generate this attack, which is why it is crucial to educate users about phishing attacks, a common type of attack on the internet, not only for stealing confidential data, but also for infecting your device, without your knowledge. FlashStart is a solution that will help us prevent these kinds of attacks by preventing our devices from being part of a botnet and by getting 24-hour DNS DDos protection.
FlashStart offers the following security and infrastructure benefits:

» Global data center network: FlashStart has a global data center network with the purpose of distribution and balancing of traffic, increasing the resilience of your network infrastructure against DNS DDos attacks.
» Advanced attack mitigation technology: FlashStart uses proprietary technology to identify, analyze, and block DNS DDos attacks in real time, ensuring that malicious traffic does not reach your servers and connected devices. We not only protect our network, but yours, too.
» Artificial intelligence-driven malicious domain detection: FlashStart not only protects your infrastructure, but, by using FlashStart, you can be sure that no malicious domain will be able to infect your devices.

By using FlashStart integrated into your network, you can be assured that your infrastructure will be protected from DDoS attacks on DNS and that you will be able to maintain the availability of your company’s browsing, while preventing various types of internet attacks at the same time.

Remember that you can view the different attacks in real time on the internet, directly from our website, at the following link.

6. Summary

DOS attacks are a common type of network attack, but when it comes to DDos, the impact and damage can be significant and costly for any organization or company; DDos DNS protection is likely to be a deciding factor for any business. The vast majority of DDos attacks begin with the infection of a computer or device connected to the internet. It is no longer enough to have an antivirus or dedicated software. Therefore, the introduction of equipment such as IDS/IPS seeks to prevent this type of infection.

FlashStart stands out for its ease of integration and constant scanning of the internet, detecting possible malicious patterns before an infection occurs. A unique solution and DNS DDos protection to secure your network.

I hope to see you in the next post!

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