FritzBox content and dns filtering using FlashStart

The FlashStart web content filter

The Fritzbox router guarantees a very high quality service, therefore it is gaining ground on the Italian market also. In this article we will see how the FlashStart web content filter is the ideal choice that guarantees both speed and security for companies or even private users who have chosen Fritzbox for their internet connection.

1. Fritzbox wins the EHA readers’ choice 2022

Fritzbox has won the EHA readers’ awards 2022. The poll aims to define that which is the best router in circulation, the award from the European Association of Readers of Computer Science Magazines. The participants who were contacted to vote were 20 million so we can trust that the poll collected a highly efficient number of responses from readers of various European Countries.

In particular, readers of the Spanish magazine Geeknetic, the Italian Hardware Upgrade, the German HardwareLuxx, the British KitGuru, the Polish PurePC and the Dutch Tweakers, therefore a heterogeneous group of technology lovers and game platforms that have elected Fritzbox as the best router of 2022.

The reasons that were cited the most were the reliability of the Internet networks and WiFi offered by Fritzbox as well as the easy use of FritzOS. Considered as the genius of the Fritz! family, OS is the operating system of Fritz! that guarantees the correct equilibrium between winning functionality and simplicity in use.

Amongst the included functions of this equilibrium, nowadays you couldn’t exclude that regarding security, a theme that is always evermore pressing when considering internet connection. For this reason FlashStart has made simple the integration of its web content filter for Fritzbox, allowing millions of users to navigate in a safe and secure way from their browsers.

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1.1 Fritzbox: the successful router

Fritzbox is an AVM product, a German company amongst the principal product makers when it comes to broad band connectivity in Europe as well as solutions regarding digitalization not just for companies but also private households. It’s product range branded Fritz! are distinguishable by their ease of use thanks to a very fast internet access, easy network connectivity and versatile applications that have been thought up for smart home usage.

AVM was founded in Berlin in 1986 and it is from then that it has evolved alongside the market, developing a series of products that have made this trademark famous and known all over Europe. These include also the Fritzbox routers, amongst the company’s leading products. For over 20 years, in fact, the Fritz! software regularly offers new functions and solutions and the company maintains, upgrades and protects all of its products.

It is exactly for protecting the AVM routers that FlashStart allows the application of its web content filter for Fritzbox, guaranteeing all of its users a secure and risk free navigation.

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2. The advantages of the FlashStart web content filter for Fritzbox

FlashStart is the leading company when it comes to DNS filtering solutions, present all over the world with quality products that have allowed them to constantly grow throughout the last twenty years, capable of guaranteeing fast assistance, always, regardless of where the request originates.

FlashStart is renowned amongst the fastest DNS in the world according to

FlashStart is ideal as a web content filter for Fritzbox as it guarantees:

» Set Up simplicity
» Continuous updates
» Ample possibilities of customizing

>> You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any Fritzbox router making secure desktop and mobile devices as well as IoT equipment on local networks.

2.1 Set Up FlashStart as a web content filter for Fritzbox

Setting Up FlashStart as a content filter for Fritzbox needs only a few simple steps, just as this guide explains. For those who are not registered with a FlashStart user profile it is above all necessary to register by clicking here. Once done, all you have to do is connect to the Fritzbox control panel and insert the Fritzbox IP address in the address bar of the browser you are using.

In the Fritzbox panel you then need to select Data Access in the left hand side menu and, inside the Server DNS tab, indicate the preference Use Other Servers DNSv4. It will then be possible to manually set up the two FlashStart DNS respectively in the Server DNSv4 Favourite and Server DNSv4 Alternative.

In the Enable part it is possible to configure the service of the DynamicDNS by pointing it to the FlashStart domain. In this link you will find the instructions to copy for the URL updates. Finally, once you have set up DynamicDNS you will proceed to setting up the Server DHCP that will allow you to automatically assign the network parameters, amongst which the FlashStart DNS.

>> Are you already registered with FlashStart? Discover in this simple guide how easy it is to set up the content filter for Fritzbox.

2.2 FlashStart: the web content filter that is constantly updated

If on one hand, as we have underlined above, AVM and Fritzbox are capable of evolving constantly through the years guaranteeing their long life, FlashStart have also been able to continuously develop themselves not only through the integration of new technology but also thanks to their capability of resulting in being always up to date.

FlashStart in fact use a mixture of artificial intelligence and learning machine to guarantee its users a protection that is always up to date. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, FlashStart can scan over 200 thousand new domains every day so they can recognize new threats as well as evolutions in threats that are already present. The learning machine, instead, allows them to learn about threats that have already been recognized in the past and studies their suspect ‘behaviour’ patterns, making the mechanical process even more reliable alongside the artificial intelligence one.

The FlashStart team, also, is active 24/7 for answering assistance requests from all over the world and sharing the processes of development and upgrades of the filter instrument, ideal as the content filter for Fritzbox.

2.2 FlashStart: the DNS content filter that is totally customizable

The FlashStart content filter is customizable, guaranteeing the satisfaction and needs of its clients, therefore becoming the content filter for Fritzbox calibrated upon the desires and needs of its users.

2.3.1 Activate when and how you like!

FlashStart always blocks the content that it regards as dangerous but it also stands with the network administration to decide to block the other content available through the control panel on the security set up in a constant way, or even to allow access in certain specific moments of the day or week.

You can in fact decide to schedule blocks and, for example, in an effort to guarantee even further major efficiency, choose to block access to social networks during office or study hours but allow access during rest pauses.

If you have multi-users, you may also make security profiles that are dedicated to every user or every group of users. This becomes useful for companies that have different offices who need to have different types of content access, where a Fritzbox router can be shared by various users and the Fritzbox content filter must guarantee a major protection for children and teenagers, often unaware of online threats.

2.3.2 Choose which content to block

FlashStart collects together all the content that you wish to block on its cloud, it then sub-divides into more than 80 categories that correspond to just as many Blacklists, or blocked lists. The contents that are available for blockage include:

» Dangerous content: such as malware, trojan, virus, sites that have been recognised for phishing attempts as well as all other sites that have been ascertained for making damaging attacks on equipment and\or data.
» Undesired content: this is principally content that is included on the blacklist relating to porno, violence, online gambling or illegal traffic.

» Content that creates distraction: this micro category includes those sites that, due to their content, tend to distract the user and make them inefficient. Here includes all those platforms such as audio and video streaming, shopping online as well as all of the social networks.

Whilst the dangerous content is automatically blocked by FlashStart, the system automatically allows, through its simple dashboard, the decision in autonomy of which other content to block. If the category that is offered by FlashStart doesn’t contain the website that the network administration wishes to block, you may manually add them by using your personal list. Finally, you may also choose to block sites based on their geographical location through Geoblocking, an exclusive function of FlashStart allows you to block sites that are based physically in certain locations.

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You can activate the FlashStart® Cloud protection on any sort of Router and Firewall to secure desktop and mobile devices and IoT devices on local networks.

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As an English Interpreter and Blogger, I'm dedicated to sharing insights through my blog. With a passion for communication, I strive to make complex concepts accessible to readers, fostering understanding and connection in an increasingly globalized world.
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