We are very pleased to be able to offer you a free trial of FlashStart Content and
Malware filter www.flashstart.com We have recently evaluated this FlashStart and
found it to be powerful and low cost service which will allow you to block a range of
undesirable sites, for example:

» Porn and illegal software download sites;
» Time wasting sites like gambling and social media;
» Web sites associated with ransomware, viruses and other forms of Malware;
» Sites associated with cyberbullying and child exploitation;
» Prevent access to certain countries deemed threatening or IP addresses
that are registered in a way suggesting they may be a threat;

You can customize the blocking as your business needs it.
Flashstart has 54 standard content blocking categories, ability to interrogate more
than 250,000 malware threats in real-time, 6 months of history, reporting, alarming
and many advanced features like VPN support and SOAP support.
FlashStart is designed to work optimally with many router brands, and requires no
additional hardware or software to implement.
Setup of your free trial will only 5 minutes and if we can have temporary access to you
router then we shall configure it for you, otherwise, please let me know and I will provide
a link so you can configure it yourself.

Please enjoy a free trial and help create a better Internet experience in 2018.

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FlashStart is a brand of Collini Consulting Group, a privately-owned corporation
established in 2001 and headquartered in Cesena, Italy. FlashStart is focused exclusively
on Internet filtering: it filters more than 1,000,000,000 million queries each day allowing
users to control content and protect from cyber threats.
Core customer segments are SMEs, ISPs, WiFi providers, local Government and schools.
FlashStart can be contacted at www.flashstart.com and offers free trials of its internet
filtering and website protection services. FlashStart is only available from local resellers.