We are the global security solution for advanced DNS filtering

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What we do

FlashStart is a global security service in DNS filtering solutions, securing businesses, K-12 schools, and governments from cyber threats and inappropriate web contents.

The global network Anycast and artificial intelligence guarantee fast, reliable, and up-to-date internet protection everywhere.

  • Ideal for MSPs, ISPs & Systems integrators.
  • Compatible with any device.
  • Fully customizable functionality.
  • Maximum scalability without complications.

In what way

FlashStart distinguishes itself through its seamless integration and highly intuitive user interface. The installation process is streamlined and straightforward, supported by comprehensive guides that enable users to configure security settings swiftly and effortlessly. This ease of setup ensures that even those without specialized training can get FlashStart up and running in no time.

The user interface is meticulously designed with simplicity and usability in mind, allowing network administrators to manage security features with minimal effort. Key functionalities are accessible through a few clicks, reducing the complexity typically associated with security management. This intuitive approach not only enhances productivity but also minimizes the learning curve, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking efficient and user-friendly security management tools.


Our strong points

Excellent support

We offer you constant 24/7 support, ensuring timely and professional assistance when needed.

Ease of integration

Our products are designed to be easily integrated into your existing IT environment, enabling you to implement security solutions without complications.

Intuitive interface

A simple and functional user interface greatly facilitates the use of the product. Manage security settings with ease thanks to a clear and intuitive design.

Human Ethics

Every day we are committed to protecting users’ privacy and security by adopting ethical and respectful practices toward individuals and their personal information.

Solid Target

Data and statistics highlight the effectiveness of our solutions in countering online threats and protecting users from malware, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks.

Global infrastructure

our global infrastructure forms the backbone of our cybersecurity solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust protection for organizations worldwide.

More than 800 companies have put their trust in FlashStart