Cyber Security Report 2023

The data analyses from the FlashStart platform.

In the Cyber Security Report 2023
you will find:

» The State of IT Security
» Data from the Flashstart platform
» The most widespread threats on the Net
» The impact of Botnets
» Analysis of online fraud
» The most “dangerous” countries
» DNS security

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Studying the new tendencies of cyber-criminals and extrapolating statistics data is fully possible thanks to thanks to FlashStart's Cyber Security Report, the result of accurate DNS intelligence that con-serves a 6-month history.
Our Cyber Security Report 2023 show a general growth in online threats. The severity and complexity of attacks is increasing, as is the number of attempts and in-fect pages used for phishing and subsequent scams or blackmail. The same Cyber Security Report also points out that the botnet is now one of the most prevalent problems globally. The FlashStart statistical sample used fori the Cyber Security Report is more reliable than ever given the global coverage, with more than 25 million users in 155 countries. A very significant finding from the Cyber Security Report is that out of 50 billion DNS requests per month, about one billion are interdicted.

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