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TGS is a company that works to offer its customers innovative and global solutions, wherever they are.

“FlashStart met all the requirements requested for our needs. “

Why choose FlashStart

Being Telefonica Global Solutions an operator that provides internet services needs to provide name resolution service, give a fast and secure navigation to its customers and have KPIs that allow to provide indicators of the service itself. That is why we developed an RFP where Flashstart met all the requirements requested for our needs.

Brief technical description of the application

Name Resolution Service (DNS) Cache, high availability in the Satellite Hubs & Security in the navigation of customers (antimalware, DDoS, Parental Control & URL Filtering).

Your favorite FlashStart feature

Visibility of services, traffic and customer applications, you can see through the flashstart dashboard, the most visited pages, the type of application, geolocated, antimalware.

Telefónica Global Solutions
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Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.
Telefónica Global Solutions

A global Telco

Telefónica Global Solutions is a company that works to offer its customers innovative and global solutions, wherever they are.

Being the technology partner of wholesalers and companies, helping them to achieve the digitization they need. As a result of their experience, they have the flexibility to adapt and the commitment to be innovative.

In Telefónica Global Solutions, they have made a path of effort and work in the last 20 years to achieve their goal: to be the technology partner of all. Proximity is one of their most important characteristics.

FlashStart in numbers

156 Countries reached

around the world

713 Partners

have chosen FlashStart

25000000 Users protected

against malware and contents

15000000000 Queries protected

by our DNS system

Noovus Technology, reseller contact with
Telefónica Global Solutions

Noovus Technology
Luis Quispe
Business Development Manager
Our organization
Noovus is an IT and OT Solutions Integrator with operations in Chile, Peru and USA, focused on applying the potential of the most innovative technologies.
How was the relationship between FlashStart and Telefónica Global Solutions established?

In order to show TGS that Flashstart could meet the needs of its customers. For which a proof of concept was made where the functionalities requested by TGS were shown.

Why choose FlashStart

One of our major global customers needed to find a solution that can provide them with a fast, scalable, reliable and secure name resolution (DNS) solution.

They also needed visibility or KPIs for their customer’s internet service. Flashstart fulfilled everything they needed, as well as cost benefit well above other solutions on the market. This allowed the client to optimize up to 20% of their investments with better services.

What was the decisive role or event that brought FlashStart to Telefónica?

Costo beneficio, todo lo que Flashstart podia ofrecer a TGS para sus servicios de internet.

Feedback on your relationship with FlashStart

It is a very advantageous relationship for Noovus and our customers. It allows us to offer a valuable solution to ISPs to improve internet service (speed, security, availability and KPIs).

Noovus Technology

The company

Noovus is a provider of information technology (IT) and operation (TO) solutions and integration, founded in Peru in early 2018 by a group of experienced professionals. These teams have experience, communications, data center, cybersecurity in Peru and international markets.

Since founding, they have worked with the best brands in the industry to digitally transform client organizations and ensure they get the most out of their technology investments. Engineers and architects design, build, deliver and manage solutions and services for clients of all sizes in diverse industries. In 2022, Noovus’ operation begins in the U.S. in order to serve companies that require Noovus’ presence in even more countries.