Francisco Guerrero
Chief Business Officer
About our organization
A creative and dynamic company which has many features that make Teldat unique like its technological expertise and its exceptional team

“ We needed a reliable filter and a partner who could move quickly to integrate with our native API and support new technologies such as CGNAT, VPN. ”

Francisco Guerrero / Teldat Chief Business Officer


The company

Teldat is a cutting-edge Spanish telecommunications technology company. A creative and dynamic company that has many characteristics that make it unique. Founded in 1985 by the entrepreneurial drive of two young Spanish engineers, Teldat is now a leading multinational manufacturer of equipment for the telecommunications market, able to compete and beat any company in the world, thanks to its technological expertise and exceptional team. Teldat operates in 35 countries. An important milestone is the integration of the German multinational bintec-elmeg, a quantum leap that has allowed Teldat to grow not only in size and presence, but also in ideas and opportunities and become, in this way, the leading European manufacturer in our sector.

Problems solved thanks to Flashstart

The need to control content and mitigate malware is an essential component of our solution. Before partnering with FlashStart we had an existing relationship with a major security supplier, but we needed a better way to integrate with our routers and to fit with our complex distribution network. We needed a reliable filter and a partner who could move quickly to integrate with our native API’s and support new technologies like CGNAT, VPN.

Why choose FlashStart?

We have multiple reasons why we chose Flashstart, here there are a few:
» FlashStart is a flexible and dependable OEM partner;
» Fully compatible with our router operating system avoiding any development; •Impressive product with strong malware protection, low false positives and reliable reporting;
» Definitely the best value for money;
» Technical support is very strong.

Short technical description of the implementation

FlashStart provides the capability to define multi-user filtering profiles to block different types of content and malware efficiently and with low false positives. The solution is compatible with Teldat API’s and new technologies like CGNAT and VPN.

Try safe surfing for free!

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.

FlashStart in numbers

156 Countries reached

around the world

713 Partners

have chosen FlashStart

25000000 Users protected

against malware and contents

15000000000 Queries protected

by our DNS system