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Pablo Lluviera
We are dedicated to the development of technological solutions based on best practices.

“ Its performance has been decisive for us. Extremely flexible and functional. ”

Pablo Lluviera / CEO

NST Group

The company

The contemporary world demands dynamic capabilities of all types, for which NST cultivates solutions and alliances with technology partners, enable our customers to adopt new technologies in a safe, scalable, reliable, and sustainable way.

For the past 10 years, NST has specialized in providing solutions that address digital transformation, from smart applications like G Suite, to the migration of cloud systems with GCP.
Companies are going through very important changes at the infrastructure level, and that is why we want to explain what it is about, what the cloud is, what are the aspects to consider in the process, what are the services, solutions, and why.

We are in the market since 2005 and we currently have operations in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Problems solved thanks to Flashstart

As the use of the Internet is increasingly essential to any activity in everyday life, the risk of encountering malicious content when using it is constantly increasing. With FlashStart, we can significantly reduce that risk and ensure the security of our customers’ infrastructure by avoiding unwanted traffic.

Why choose FlashStart?

After having used many computer security tools, we have found in FlashStart the perfect technology to secure and sanitize the Internet traffic of our collaborators, All this with extreme ease of implementation and use in addition to an affordable price for all.

Short technical description of the implementation

NST FlashStart is the perfect partner for MiktroTik. The threat protection built into Active Directory, in conjunction with granular user reports, is very useful. Another noteworthy aspect is that, during the pandemic, we have been able to bring the security of organizations that had FlashStart to the homes of collaborators, thus being able to maintain the levels of security and sanitization of the internet content.

Try safe surfing for free!

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.

FlashStart in numbers

156 Countries reached

around the world

713 Partners

have chosen FlashStart

25000000 Users protected

against malware and contents

15000000000 Queries protected

by our DNS system