Norberto Arze
About our organization
NorTel is a local internet provider that aims to make each neighborhood have its own internet provider.

“ The support they gave me was always perfect when I needed it; I am really satisfied with them! ”

Norberto Arze / NorTel CEO


The company

NorTel is a local internet provider that aims to make each neighborhood have its own internet provider, to be able to meet its particular needs through a service of excellence as each customer deserves.

At NorTel, we provide 24/7 uninterrupted service, which is why we have a highly qualified staff and the latest technology available in the market with continuous training. We realize that it is impossible for there to be only two or three internet providers in a city for all the demand, which is the cause of the daily problems and public understanding that exist in these different networks.

Therefore, our vision is that each neighborhood can be reached by a local lender, who can meet the particular needs of the neighborhood and provide the excellent service that the customer deserves.

Problems solved thanks to Flashstart

Since we provide internet service to thousands of residential customers in the Cordoba area (AR), we wanted our network to be protected from dangerous malware attacks that might arise, as well as from the malicious traffic that our customers might accidentally generate.
Thanks to the content filtering and malware mitigation of FlashStart, the network security of the entire network improved a lot, and we were able to find an improvement in the bandwidth.

Why choose FlashStart?

We chose FlashStart for many reasons.
Starting with the configuration, which was easy and fast, since, basically, we just had to copy and paste the script that we got on the router, up to the remarkable support, always professional and available for any need. The service offered is of good quality and also has a very affordable price.

Short technical description of the implementation

Since we are an internet service provider with more than 2,000 residential and home office customers, we found that the FlashStart Lite version was right for us. We configure the assigned subnet following the simple procedure, paste the script into the router, and, immediately, start filtering.

Try safe surfing for free!

Try our advanced DNS filtering. Activatable in seconds, always updated in the cloud and with world-class speed, stability and quality. All accompanied by support from a team of maximum experience h24.

FlashStart in numbers

156 Countries reached

around the world

713 Partners

have chosen FlashStart

25000000 Users protected

against malware and contents

15000000000 Queries protected

by our DNS system