Intergea Group
Luca Pisanu
IT Manager
About our organization
The Intergea Group was founded in Turin in 2003 and was quickly ranked among the national leaders in the automotive distribution sector.

“ All we can say is that we are 110% satisfied with Flashstart service. Reliable product and impeccable customer service. ”

Luca Pisanu / Intergea Group IT Manager

Intergea Group

The company

The Intergea Group was founded in Turin in 2003 and was quickly ranked among the national leaders in the automotive distribution sector, thanks to a steady growth of numbers and expansion in the territory, which brought it beyond the Piedmontese borders in a short time.
Intergea immediately began to differentiate its activities in other sectors, particularly in services. In fact in 2008 Alberto Di Tanno, the majority shareholder of Intergea, creates Nobis Compagnia di Assicurazioni, a modern and innovative project in Insurance field that helped affirm the group and attract the interest of new investors.
Intergea’s commitment in the development of services and investments in the real estate sector integrated activities related to automotive distribution.
Nowadays Intergea boast of its successes, guaranteeing value, reliability, transparency and quality to its customers.

Problems solved thanks to Flashstart

We were looking for a high-performance, efficient DNS filter, yet intuitive and convenient at the same time. After several disappointing experiences with other similar products, we ran into FlashStart and it was a perfect match! We were pleasantly satisfied both on the technical side (excellent DNS filter of extreme intuitiveness) and on the commercial side (great performance at a price well below the market average).

Why choose FlashStart?

There are several reasons why we have been turning to FlashStart for years to protect our corporate network. Let’s start by saying that the configuration is as simple and immediate as its usage. The product is within the capabilities of all the staff, which is why we have saved time and resources for possible training, a factor that can be crucial for Smes, a situation in which there is often no in-house IT technician. In addition, support and direct contact with the supplierhas been important: speed, availability and professionalism.

Short technical description of the implementation

We have approximately 400 users scattered throughout northwestern Italy, all of whom are protected by implementing the DNS filter integrated with the Active Directory, so that we have customized filtering based upon the needs of different groups of users. The filter relies on an external physical firewall which forwards requests to FlashStart DNS.

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