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Training company: IT security is a key aspect in the experience of every participant.

“The adoption of a tool like FlashStart within our business processes has resulted in improved cyber security in the prevention phase. “

Gianluca Mescoli / Responsible Information System


The company

FORMart offers training courses and employment services and has 13 locations in Emilia-Romagna. For over 25 years it has been designing, implementing and managing activities aimed at the growth of individuals and the professional development of companies. Computer security, privacy and data protection are fundamental aspects for all participants in classroom, webinar and e-learning courses. FORMart uses Flashstart solutions to provide a reliable and secure training experience.

Problems solved thanks to Flashstart

Improving the level of cyber security is a constant goal at FORMart to ensure quality and continuity of services. The adoption of a tool such as FlashStart within our business processes has enabled an improvement in cyber security in the prevention phase by mitigating malware attacks from the web in both office and training activities.

Why choose FlashStart?

There are several reasons why we chose FlashStart, the main ones being:

» excellent classification of websites: clear and well detailed categories, constantly evolving according to the global threat scenario;
» flexibility in product configuration for the development of custom solutions;
» competitive offer, also in the ideal formula for a company like FORMart;
» compliance with the current Privacy Policy.

Brief technical description of implementation

The solution implemented to manage web browsing in classrooms is based on two main points:

» the segmentation of the network for the independent management of each classroom;
» the development of a customized solution realized through a user interface that allows the classroom tutor to modulate the navigation filters in FlashStart according to the course and the users present;
» the solution was developed through collaboration with FlashStart partner Miciosoft Srl.

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