A better SafeSearch with FlashStart

Many of us will be sending children back to school armed with new phones or PC’s. and wanting to keep eyes away from unsuitable images and videos.  For both work and school, Google® and Bing® support SafeSearch and SafeSearch is also often mandated by IT security policies. SafeSearch is certainly not perfect but the ability to have Microsoft and Google  be part of a process to “scrub” the internet is generally a good idea.  Google® and Bing® SafeSearch can be enabled with one click in the FlashStart dashboard so protecting all phones, PC’s or other devices and with no further maintenance required. Here is a 90 second video to show you how

FlashStart Internet Filtering removes the ‘bad stuff’ from web surfing. Create a browsing experience free from ransomware, porn or whatever is inappropriate for your work, home or public place. In just 10 minutes, without additional hardware or software, you can change the internet experience and integrate any type of router, firewall, access device or hotspot.

You can also register for a free, fully featured, version by clicking here.