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WiFi hotspots are today among the most popular technologies used by customers in hotels, restaurants, bars, and accommodation businesses in general. International regulations have almost all agreed in recognising an operator’s responsibility for the traffic on its provided network. FlashStart’s cloud-based filter with Artificial Intelligence is the perfect solution to prevent customers from surfing sites used for cyber threats, data theft, fraud and grooming, as well as sites with explicit, violent and illegal content. Pornography, weapons, drugs etc. can be blocked not only from accessing the web but also from search results without customers being able to deactivate protection. To avoid bandwidth overload, the operator can prevent update downloads, streaming and services to send large data packets at peak times. Finally, Flashstart is the only DNS technology that completely blocks surfing to particularly risky geographical areas.

Benefits for WiFi hotspots protected by FlashStart

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FlashStart is easy to deploy and use. Its natural fit to create a managed service for implementing Internet Filtering Policies.

We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.

FlashStart solution is perfectly integrated into our HotSpot Wifi and it has proved to be highly efficient, as well as easy to use!