Time to filter our web traffic

A very interesting article from Mumbai written by Vikas Chalke of Inventiustech, our Top Partner for India, alerts about filtering Wifi public networks.
The article mentions about “network hygiene” and brings the attention on the absolute needing of protect public Wifi.

Original article (ref.: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/alarming-increase-malicious-use-public-wi-fi-vikas-chalke/)

In the days of Digitization; globe is becoming one big open Wi-Fi zone. Public Wi-Fi network is available almost every place. Whether it is leading metro city or a small town in the interiors of the country. Governments are promoting use of internet and thereby spending huge funds for making it freely available every where. Whether it is government offices / local municipal / rural bodies, or public transportation systems like state/local bus services / Railways / airports / shopping malls / multiplexes / institutions, etc., every body is availing free open Wi-Fi network for their citizens, commuters, customers, students, etc. All these facilities are been provided for noble causes of enabling and encouraging digitization & digital economies, easy & instantaneous availability of data / information.

But while doing so, are we acting cautious enough to maintain basic network hygiene? Answer in most of the scenarios is negative. In recent years we have observed many instances of use of unsecure network by terrorists and hackers for launching attacks. In the recent times we have also been observing increasing use of open Wi-Fi zones by teenagers and loafers for downloading objectionable contents like porn videos or prohibited violence videos, etc. Current day situation is quite alarming. If we do not change our habits and if we avoid practicing network hygiene; in near future we might cause irreparable damage to our social hygiene.

It’s time for all of us to start practicing bare minimum hygiene like URL or DNS filtering while offering these kind of unsecure , uncontrolled public networks. Now, whether a Telco providers offer traffic filtering or a customer takes the onus; which in this case can be any of those above mentioned bodies. Use of basic DNS / URL filtering, device log management, ACL checks, these should be considered as imperative part of network hygiene.

This would help us restrict or at-least reduce malicious use of these open public networks; and use our investments towards constructive digitization.

– Vikas Chalke