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Content & App Filtering
New internet content is detected and classified within 24 hours. Separate ‘Safe Search’ categorization according to You-Tube, Google and Bing can also be enabled. When a blocked page is reached users receive a customizable stop page and the event is logged. See video here.

Malware Mitigation
FlashStart detects the sources of Malware (bad web sites) as well as the symptoms of Malware. This is complementary to anti-threat software deployed on PC’s or devices. FlashStart mitigates ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets and more than 25,000 variations. See video here.
Reporting & Analysis
While fully compliant with leading privacy laws (eg 95/46/EC, BPjM etc) FlashStart retains up to 6 month of historical data for creating ad-hoc or scheduled reports. Many pre-canned report formats are available to minimize the effort required. See the demo here.

There can be many reasons to automatically adapt internet filtering policies during the day. For example (1) social medial allowed in breaks, not work-time, or, (2) re-use of a school classroom for adult education in the evening. The concept is demonstrated here.
Geo Control
For many reasons the ability to detect and potentially block access to certain countries can be a considerable help. Usually this is because of a perceived risk but it might also create a geo-fence for children or employees. See the latest Geo attack map.

Whitelabel & SOAP Integration
Manufacturers and Managed Service providers can integrate FlashStart using SOAP API’s with existing dashboard so maintaining an existing look and feel. The entire service can be white-labelled with your own brand-name and localized to many languages.

Simply to use! See the screenshots

FlashStart Cloud Interface

Cloud Technology

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User reviews

We needed more than just a quality filter,
we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.
– Managing Partner Francisco Guerrero, Product Director TELDAT, Spain
FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.
– Kendall Head, Managing Partner, Loveitts Limited (Estate Agency)
We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.
– Michael Bindner, Product Manager BINTEC, Germany