Successfull Test for ANYCAST network!

Frankfurt -> Miami -> Singapore. In only 10 seconds!
During new FlashStart Cloud Anycast network, we demonstrate our triple-continents datacenter redundancy.
By launching a simple icmp request (ping) to new Anycast DNS IP ( and – everywhere in the world).
During first phase (red box) answers come from Frankfurt datacenter (latency from 30 to 40 milliseconds about).
During second phase (orange box), we “switched off” Frankfurt datacenter (Germany) and – without loosing any packet – ping replies continued, moving  – with the same IP address – to Miami datacenter (Florida).
During third phase (Yellow box), we also “switched off” Miami datacenter and – again without loosing any packet – traffic has been automatically routed towards Singapore datacenter (Asia), by Border Gateway protocol. Singapore has continued replying even though the other two datacenter were offline.
Within next week, we plan to extend Anycast network two italian datacenter (Milan and Bologna).
FlashStart Anycast network: surf (more and more) safe with us!