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For a safe navigation, everywhere!

 A long path towards global protection

FlashStart was born from the great passion for Internet security of Francesco, founder and CEO of the company, together with a highly-motivated staff with great talent.
A journey that started in SMEs and in schools and that has reached, today, global distribution in 145 countries with a range of protection services and products able to satisfy all needs, with all types of company devices and connections, also remote ones, wherever in the world. 

Our global ANYCAST network, with several strategic data centers in every continent, grants today a fast and stable service supply, and has achieved record performance in various countries.
We exploit innovative algorithms of artificial intelligence for the rapid identification of online threats, with over 85 categories of blacklists that allow for the easy set up of personalized protection criteria. Reporting on Internet use is punctual, exhaustive and respects the privacy regulations active in each country. 
Our company vision is still that of granting user security before any economic considerations and so we prefer avoiding the direct sale of our products and rather rely on an increasing network of selected local partners, who can grant immediate local support for all needs. 
Our sales managers are always in contact with the resellers, so as to design price policies that are more convenient both for them and for the final users. Despite the international and exponential growth, our technical support has remained human and includes multilingual professionals with great experience, always available. 

"For a safe, fast and efficient web navigation, everywhere in the world"

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