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FlashStart is available in two packages – FlashStart Pro and FlashStart Pro+.
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FeaturesPRO versionPRO+ version
Malware protection
Content filter
Geoblocking support
Search engine protection
Reporting and analysis
Group filtering
Granular filtering (user or device)
End Point Protection (ClientShield)
MS-Active Directory
On-premise DNS (CloudBox)

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FlashStart protects you

Our protection against malware is updated automatically from a database of about 5 million identified internet threat sources as quickly as every 30 minutes.
Artificial intelligence and lab analysis are used to create 85 internet content categories. It’s easy to create profiles that remove certain content types, thus enforcing the organisation’s internet usage policy.

Community Sourced Threats Lists

FlashStart offers high quality, commercial grade threat feeds with low false positives. It also provides access to community-based threat feeds which can be included, if desired.

Aggressive Malware

FlashStart mitigates a wide range of malware including ransomware, cryptowall, virus, trojans and many other threats. A detailed list is provided within the dashboard. Threats are sourced from high quality commercial sources with low false positives. Many other services rely on inferior community based feeds.

Phishing Threats

A defence is provided preventing accidental access to web sites used to collect personal details for the specific intention of phishing attacks. These sites are often highly targeted to specific industries or groups.
This is an important group of applications that are probably unwanted. It includes activities like advertising pop-ups and browser hijacking.

Granular Filtering (Pro+ only)

The Pro+ product allows FlashStart to be deployed with individual profiles or device-specific profiles.

Scheduled Access

Access to content types can also be permitted by scheduling at times of day/week, as desired.

Intelligent Blacklisting

If you need to blacklist certain sites (e.g. facebook.com), FlashStart will automatically suggest blocking the associated CDNs and country-level domains (e.g. facebook.co.uk).

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