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Our Sales and Marketing tools

We’ve cut down the effort you need to interest prospects in FlashStart and get them started in trials.
You can launch a campaign with 30 minutes with content, landing pages and tracking of free trials all including you own logo and contact details.
Qualifying resellers and distributors can request private webinars to help generate leads.

Trial in a box

This is an eye-catching physical card or sticker promoting the benefits of FlashStart and including a unique PIN code for a free trial.
These are ideal for packaging with routers, hand-out at trade shows, leave them on in conferences seating etc. When the PIN is enabled then you get the lead.

Promo links

Simply upload your logo, name and business details and you’ve created lots of possibilities to co-brand with FlashStart. The Promo Links can be embedded in any email, web site etc to professional get prospects to register for trials, product information etc…

Promo mail

Email marketing is proven to be a very effective medium for raising the awareness of FlashStart. We have a selection of different emails formats for
different industries. Automatic embedding of Promo Links allows an initial campaign to be created in seconds and best of all the you can just paste a list of
emails in the tool and you are live. It’s really that simple!

Custom Webinars

You supply the prospect and will provide you the content and speakers in a range of languages. We use lots of demonstrations to create engaging content.

Docs area

We do all the standard stuff as well. Brochures, logos, presentations etc.
We maintain documentation in several languages.

A worldwide success

Customers talk About Us

FlashStart is easy to deploy and use. It’s a natural fit to create a managed service for implementing Internet Filtering Policies.

We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.

FlashStart solution is perfectly integrated into our HotSpot Wifi and it has proved to be highly efficient, as well as easy to use!