AI based DNS Filtering


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Why choose FlashStart?

FlashStart’s DNS intelligence offers ad-hoc solutions to managed service providers. These include ease of installation and management from a single, centralized panel, with the widest possible customization of filtering on the cloud, along with related reports, thanks to as many as eighty-five blacklist categories, continuously updated by artificial intelligence.  Filtering policies are applicable for groups, machines, and users, even remotely, with immediate synchronization of Active Directory profiles.  For even greater security, we offer the ability to monitor search results, and a unique, geographically based, traffic blocking feature for high-risk areas.  Maximum stability is provided by one of the fastest global Anycast networks in the world, according to independent surveys by  Customized licensing models, credit without expiration, brand customization, and excellent technical sales support guarantee business opportunities beyond the market, for all of our MSP partners.

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