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Windows connector setup

1. Windows connector download

Download the Windows connector on your Microsoft Active Directory Server, from the following link:

Windows connector download

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple Microsoft Active Directory Servers, you’ve to install the Windows Connector only on one of them.
NOTE: This guide is compatible with Windows Server 2012 and above. For older O.S. versions please open a support ticket.

2. Windows connector installation

Extract and install it in your AD Server, using the Administrator domain account.

NOTE: To be sure to install Windows connector with administrator privileges, right click on the plugin and choose Run as administrator.

Proceed as follows:
1. Click [Next].
2. Check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and then [Next].
3. Proceed leaving default values or choose the installation path by clicking [Change…]. Confirm with [Next].
4. Complete the installation by clicking [Install].
5. Click [Finish] to start configuring the plugin.

3. Windows connector configuration

Fill in the form as follows (you can also change the language using the drop-down menu at top-right of plugin):
» Username: Enter the Cloud Filter email/username.
» Password: Enter the Cloud Filter password.
» Sync every: Choose how often synchronize your groups and users, with our Datacenters.
NOTE: You can force the synchronization using the Sync icon.

Click [APPLY] to save the changes, then [START] to run the service.
You should see The Service is running green message under the [APPLY] button.
That means you’ve correctly configured it and it’s synchronizing the groups and users.

You can close the connector by clicking [X], confirm with [Yes] and then press [OK].
NOTE: This won’t stop the service, it will only close the plugin interface.

Now it’s necessary to enable some Audit policies on your Active Directory Server.
Please check the following guide:

Audit Policies settings