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VMware Virtual Machine

1. VMware Virtual Machine Download

Download the VMware virtual machine image from the following link:
VMware virtual machine

2. VMware Virtual Machine Import

To import the virtual machine into your VMware environment follow these steps:
1. Extract the file you’ve just downloaded.
2. Open VMware manager console and click File->Deploy OVF Template.
3. Click [Browse…] and choose the path where the virtual machine files folder is located. Select the 3 files and click [Next].
4. Verify the OVF template details and click [Next] to proceed.
5. Type a name for the virtual machine. NOTE: It must be unique within the inventory folder.
6. Choose the Datastore where you want to save the virtual machine files.
7. Choose the Disk Format you prefer to use. We suggest to the let the default one.
8. Map the network used in the template to networks in your virtual environment.
9. Review the template configuration and click [Next] to start importing the new virtual machine.
10. Once finished you should see Completed.