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Proxmox Virtual Machine

1. Proxmox Virtual Machine Download

Download the Proxmox virtual machine image from the following link:
Proxmox virtual machine

2. Proxmox Virtual Machine Import

To import the virtual machine into your Proxmox environment follow these steps:
1. Extract the file you’ve just download.
2. Transfer DnsProxy_Proxmox.vma.gz to the Proxmox Datastore you want use to restore the virtual machine using, for example, Filezilla.
3. Connect to Proxmox SSH console, using for example Putty, and move into the directory containing the file you’ve just uploaded.
4. Type qmrestore DnsProxy_Proxmox.vma.gz ID_VM, where ID_VM is the ID you want to assign to the new virtual machine.
5. Wait until the restore process has finished and then connect to Proxmox web console.
6. You should see the new virtual machine called DnsProxy.
7. Click on the virtual machine and open the Hardware menu.
8. Check the hardware configuration and, if everything is correct, turn on the new virtual machine.