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Menu: Lists

1. Lists Panel

This panel allows you to manage the filtering parameters for Internet navigation. The panel displays a macro-categories list with its relative sub-categories for domain classification.

Near the System Blacklists menu item there are three other items displayed:
» Policy applied in real time: This item shows the current filtering configuration, in addition to the current time and day.

» Search in lists: See the Search in lists guide.
» Report a bug: Use this item to report any filter malfunctions.

2. System Blacklists

This page shows all the categories you can select in order to block access to them.
Just click on the red button to the right to block all the domains belonging to that specific category.
If you want to make a macro- or a sub-category available for access during a specific time slot, use the Schedule blocks function by clicking on the clock icon in the relevant column.

In the image below a block has been scheduled for the Social networks category from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

3. Personal blacklists

You can also block/unblock domains belonging to unblocked/blocked categories by using the Personal blacklists and Personal whitelists menus.

In order to block a domain, type it in the textbox in the relevant menu. You can decide whether to insert that domain only into your current profile or also into the others.
Finally, click on the tiny triangle next to it to complete the procedure.
The image below provides a fitting example: the domain is blocked even if the Social networks category is enabled.

4. Personal whitelists

The Personal whitelists work in the same way as the Personal blacklists. However, you use them to insert the domains you want to unblock.
In the image below, – an e-commerce site – is enabled, even if the Ads, Spam & Web Stats macro-category – which contains the E-commerce sub-category – is blocked.

NB: You can omit www when you enter a domain.
In order to delete a domain in either menu, just click on the bin icon next to the domain you want to remove.

5. Advanced settings

This panel also allows you to activate the Google and Bing Search Protection.
This function is called Safe Search and is used to filter the results of all Google and Bing searches, including images, so as to block pornographic and other unwanted content.
In order to enable the Safe Search option, open the Advanced settings menu and then check the Google and Bing Search Protection box.