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Menu: Geoblocking

1. Geoblocking Panel

This panel allows you to select the nations or countries you want to communicate with. You can manage the requests you send or receive, and block those countries which may pose security threats.
The Geoblocking module has been introduced mainly to reduce the likelihood of getting infected by ransomwares.

To block an entire geographic area, click on the button in the Deny column and all the countries belonging to this area will be blocked automatically.
Alternatively, you may select which individual countries you want to block or unblock by clicking on the orange arrow to the left of the chosen geographic area.

In the example below, some sub-Saharan and Asian countries, as well as all those of the Russian area, have been blocked:

NB: There is a macrocategory called Not defined IPs which contains the Anonymous Proxy sub-category. This is because a server might hide the real country of origin for a number of (lawful or unlawful) reasons, even if that country is not known to host malicious sites.