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ClientShield for Chromebook

1. ClientShield Configuration

When the application is started, a unique ID is assigned to the user’s device, which is necessary together with the profile key to register to the cloud panel.
For a quick and practical search from the panel, the description field allows us to enter an identification name.


After successfully registering your device, you will need to provide authorization to start the VPN trough the ACTIVATE SECURITY button.


Once the authorization is given, you will go to the status page where the connection to the VPN service will begin.You will be notified about the connection and the status page will be updated.

Loading VPN

The status page tells you that the device is now protected! From here we can obtain information about the user and the IP by clicking on the information button.

To proceed with closing the VPN protection,you must click on “Disable protection” and will be redirected to the disabling page.

Dispositivo protetto

Here, you have to enter the numeric PIN that disables the protection and you will be redirected to the final status page, which will also notify us through a notification that the device is no longer protected.

Disattiva la protezione

With a simple click on “ACTIVATE SECURITY” a new VPN connection will be established and the device will be protected again.

Dispositivo non protetto