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Hyper-V Virtual Machine

1. Hyper-V Virtual Machine Download

Download the Hyper-V virtual machine image from the following link:
Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine

2. Hyper-V Virtual Machine Import

To import the virtual machine into your Hyper-V environment follow these steps:
1. Open the Hyper-V manager console and right-click on your machine name.
2. Click Import Virtual Machine….
3. Click [Browse…] and prove the path where the virtual machine files folder is located. Then click [Next].
4. Click [Next].
5. Choose Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID), to create a new virtual machine. Proceed with [Next].
6. Select the path where you would like to store the virtual machine files. Alternatively you can also let the default values and click [Next].
7. Choose the path where you want to place the virtual hard disk for the new virtual machine.
8. You should see an error since the Virtual Switch Name used during the export process does not exist in your Hyper-V Host.
Use the drop-down menu, next to Connection: to choose the Virtual Switch you want to associate to the new virtual machine.
9. Click [Finish] to start the virtual machine import and wait the restore process.

If the import process fails:
1. Create a new virtual machine.
2. When asked choose “Generation 1”.
3. In the Connect Virtual Hard Disk, choose Use an existing virtual hard disk.
4. Browse to where you have the dnsproxy.vhdx stored (you can find it into DnsProxy_HypervDnsProxyVirtual Hard Disks).
5. Finish the creation process.